Post- Brexit: Northern Ireland’s status quo


In the Brexit referendum, unlike England and Wales,  Northern Ireland and Scotland,  voted to Remain in the EU

Enter tricky situation:

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Northern Ireland in  the UK has a land border with the Republic of  Ireland, which is in the EU.

Unless Scotland gains its independence, this will be the only EU land frontier with the UK


The popular, pro-Unionist Belfast daily paper, the Belfast Telegraph, has been running a two-question online poll:

Should there be a poll on the question of the border between Northern ireland and the Republic?

If there was a poll, what way would you vote? No change or a United Ireland?

Here’s a nice colour -coded slide-show, showing that  people voted overwhelmingly  in support of a poll (referendum) and a United Ireland  – not just throughout Northern Ireland but also in Cork and Dublin, Edinburgh and London and other English cities.

As we mentioned in a previous post

Westminster has other plans. Our new PM stated


We believe in the Union“and our new SOS


Mr James Brokenshire has already said “NO”

The message was reinforced by the Economist, reputable political/economics weekly news magazine

“things look gloomy for nationalists . . .. . Nationalists overwhelmingly voted to Remain but now with dismay find that Northern Ireland’s ties to the EU are being undone”.


what part no

Comment: That’s it settled. So it is!
Remember: N Ireland is not getting a Border poll or the chance to vote for a United Ireland because Westminster will not allow us to have one.

Comment: No one in Northern ireland voted for Theresa May or James Brokenshire. Yet decisions they make, together with Liam Fox, David Davis. who seems to think the entire island of Ireland belongs to the UK,  and Boris Johnson, will shape our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. The people of Northern Ireland have no voice, say or input into   these decisions and no control over them

Query: Large democratic deficit? Bullying anyone?

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3 thoughts on “Post- Brexit: Northern Ireland’s status quo

  1. I guess the unionists and the British government are afraid od the outcome of breaking up there precious union in why they dont even co.rider a referendum.on a United Ireland


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