Brexit propaganda, anyone?

We’ll be looking at in-depth arguments for and against Brexit in coming posts.

Tonight’s Saturday Night Film is just to let you have a look at the type of propaganda you can expect to hear from the “Leave” side.

Although these “Great British Heroes” operated in a pre-EU, pre-1916  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and some of them even before the Act of Union itself,  some points are worth remembering:

  • That past is gone. Forever.

Query: Did  it ever  exist outside of nostalgic faux memories?

Remember:  Faux memories have as much to do with historical reality as a fake fur coat  has to do with the genuine article 

  • None of these “Great British Heroes” would have achieved what they did without European co-operation.

For example:  Newton’s Law of Gravity is derived from the planetary equations and findings of


German astronomer, Johannes Kepler, whose work was based on all scientific discovery since


Galileo, Hooke, Leibniz (who developed parts of the mathematical language, calculus, on which Newton’s laws are derived).


  • Aneurin Bevan was a Welshman, one of Wales’s most revered politicians. In 2004, over 40 years after his death, he was voted first in a list of 100 Welsh heroes, having been credited for his contribution to the Welfare State


  • Arthur Wesley, Duke of Wellington (inventor of the wellington boot) was an Irishman.Born in Dublin, his family belonged to the Protestant Ascendancy.

wellington memorial dublin

And you can  see his memorial, one of the tallest obelisks in the world,  in Phoenix Park, Dublin. Wellington’s main claim to fame was his victory at  Waterloo. The battle was, in fact,  was won by  the English allied with Belgian, Dutch and German troops and a Prussian army  commanded by von Blucher.

Comment: European co-operation coming into play once again!!

  • The Churchill and Pankhurst families were not best pleased with the video

Churchill’s grandson, Conservative MP


Nicholas Soames, thought that including the wartime leader in the video was “offensive” and his grandfather was a “profound believer in the values of European co-operation.”

helen pankhurst

Dr. Helen Pankhurst said her famous grandmother had been a supporter of the EU, along with the rest of her “suffragette family.”


caveat emptor hat


Beware of  the Great British Historical Narrative

Dr Helen Pankhurst

Aneurin Bevan quote,_1st_Duke_of_Wellington


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