UK Maintenance – EVEL should do as EVEL is!

Time for EPEP – English Pounds for English Palaces

Westminster Palace  has suffered years of neglect and urgently needs major work. Built between 1840 and 1870 and damaged during WWII, it now features decaying stonework, subsidence, and asbestos

Query: Why hasn’t it already  been closed?

Comment: Anywhere else would have been.


Re-flooring, re-wiring, re-pointing and re-plumbing all beckon.


According to an £8million investigation, repairs could cost from £3 to 7 billion in a time frame of 10-30 years, depending on whether MPs and staff  move out or not.

Comment: Watch that £7bn treble by the time the work’s done.

buckingham palace

Another paltry  £150 million are needed to save  Buckingham Palace.

Update 18 Nov 2016: Estimates are now up to £370 million over 10 years. We all know that the final cost is more likely to rise to over a billion pounds.

And what about the other royal residences which the taxpayer has to pay for?

Will they have to be refurbished at our expense at some point in the future?

Comment: We must be mugs for putting up with such a state of affairs.

liz ii

The most famous tenant in the world

has occupied the crumbling palace for 90 odd years and has done no maintenance, despite receiving £35.7 million annually from British taxpayers. Buckingham palace has not been redecorated since 1952.

Query: Anyone else still living in a childhood home that hasn’t seen a lick of paint or new wallpaper in 60+ years?

HM’s hardly likely to start now, particularly  since she’s not even paying for her own  birthday party.

And here’s how the big day went off!

London’s most expensive “pay if you come”  birthday party was held along the Mall in pouring rain. 10,000 ticket holders at  £150 a head took their seats    for a £3.99 M&S meal deal at picnic tables set up amid puddles on the road

What to do?

*Apply more austerity to get the money from somewhere in the budget?

*Raise taxes?

*Turn both Palaces into Museums with entrance fees to pay for themselves?

*Corporate Sponsorship (Oglach’s suggestion).

Comment: Mc Donald’s Golden arches would look great at both Westminster and Buckingham. Or, better still, Spearmint Rhino. Or even both!!

*Sell Westminster Palace and /or a few plots of Buckingham Palace gardens with building permission incorporated to developers to turn into top-level appartments, shops, wine bars, restaurants  and offices?

Comment: The sales would easily cover the construction costs of a custom-made Seat of Parliament and the Buckingham Palace renovations.

Who should pay?
The English, of course.These are two quintessentially English buildings.
These are two clear-cut examples of when EVEL  really should apply

Remember: EVEL is as EVEL does

So let only English MPs with their Tory majority decide what to do and how to foot the bills.

nothing to do with me

or with Scotland (1/59 Conservative MP), Wales (11/ 40) or Northern Ireland (0). People in these areas should not contribute one penny, particularly as close to 50% in Scotland and NI want to leave the UK anyway.

snp logo
has already called for a re-think.

tommy sheppard
Coleraine man,  Tommy Sheppard, SNP spokesperson on the Cabinet Office

The cost of restoring Westminster is astronomical,”

 “The prospect of spending billions of pounds at a time of belt-tightening and damaging Tory austerity is eye-watering”

bad time

Query: or is it time for EPEP – English pounds for English Palaces?


Update: 8 Sept 2016:  PM Theresa May could  block plans for a £4 billion renovation of Parliament which MPs claim is needed to avoid a “catastrophic event”.

The Royal Institute of British Architects had warned the MPs there is a “great skills shortage” that could impact on the scheme.

Comment: Come back all ye Polish plumbers and electricians. All is forgiven!

8 thoughts on “UK Maintenance – EVEL should do as EVEL is!

  1. Eight million pounds for the investigation, 3-7 plus for the restoration (at least three times that much by the time the work is completed.), another 150 million for Buckingham. It’s not eye-watering, it’s giving me a nosebleed. I’d love to send some money to help these unfortunate souls out of their dire predicament, but I’m strapped for cash at the moment. Maybe they should call McDonald’s. Golden arches would look great at both Westminster and Buckingham. Or, better still, Spearmint Rhino. Hell, why not both?

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  2. thanks for the suggestion oglach – I have edited the post to include it. Getting corporate sponsorship should be no problem – given all the lobbying etc that goes on in Westminster.


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