Historical Revisionism Goes Full Retard!!


Ruth Patterson will resign from Belfast City Council at the next election

DUP-less Ruth Patterson, now standing as an Independent Unionist in South Belfast in the up-coming Stormont Assembly elections, hopes to cash in on Loyalist votes.

Moses-like she wants to lead her people to their

promised land
which is none other than the Aul’ Orange State

She admits she only a Voice
Comment: in the wilderness?

Highlights of what she offers politically:

  1. St Patrick himself was a former Protestant
  2. He was a “Christian Maun”
  3. He preached the Gospel like Protestants  today

St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Belfast are:
*“A tricolour waving, Protestant-bashing celebration
*With “marauding youths dressed in tricolours”

Listen to it all here

Note how presenter William Crawley does his rational best in face of such absurdities and hate-filled  language
from 7 mins in to 50 mins for the full discussion and comments

Comment: Advice to all Unionists/Loyalists 

before the truth

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