Scotland Gets The Silent Treatment

What’s the silent treatment?

An abusive method of control, punishment, avoidance, or disempowerment.

How does “the silent treatment” apply to Scotland?


Hear no Scotland, See no Scotland, Speak no Scotland

British Labour’s Scottish branch want to airbrush Scotland out of their vocabulary, and implicitly out of existence as a nation.

You don’t hear MPs keep on talking about ‘England’ but, rather, the places in England like Manchester and Birmingham. This should be the case with Scotland. By keep referring to Scotland instead of individual places, some of our people are playing to the Nationalist agenda. We’re all part of the UK, after all.”

What does it mean for S********?

MPs are being encouraged not to mention the  “S******” word but  to  refer to individual Scottish towns and cities instead.


The  Scottish branch of the British Labour party are worried that by continually referring to S******* and not specific places, their colleagues at Westminster are bolstering the SNP’s separatist mindset.

What happens next?

david mundell scottish sos

Will Mr David Mundell, Secretary of State for S******* become

Secretary of State of Nowhere in Particular?

Secretary of State of  North Britain? Greater England? The Northern Appendage? South, south Faroes?

How much will it  cost  to recall all those government forms with ‘S******’ appearing in the clauses, sub clauses, paragraphs, sub paragraphs, amendments, adjudication decisions, case law?

the horror


Comment: The silent treatment  worked with Sinn Fein, didn’t it?



2 thoughts on “Scotland Gets The Silent Treatment

  1. The first book I ever threw across the room was “1984” by Orwell. I threw it across the room because he titled it 1984, 1984 was too late, and this a perfect example. Thanks for the piece, and you owe me some blood pressure medication, mate!


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