Going to work on an egg

Here’s another example of 1984 Newspeak

the horror

Outrage at an egg being thrown at a Conservative representative at the Party Congress .

Remember the last time we learnt of the horror of throwing an egg?

Then Leader of the Scottish branch of British Labour Jim Murphy was so overcome that he  suspended his speaking tour because of such “intimidation”.

No outrage when Alex Wild, director of the Taxpayers’ Alliance  recommended that the government  cut pensioner benefits –   the winter fuel allowance, free bus passes, the Christmas bonus and other pensioner benefits.

because pensioners might be dead or suffering from memory problems by the time the next election comes around.

Meanwhile this was happening as delegates entered the congress venue

And this

But read all about it over on Wee Ginger Dug!!!

Source: Going to work on an egg





2 thoughts on “Going to work on an egg

  1. It would be tempting to think up so witty remark around eggs or balls etc. but I’m sorry, politics is no longer funny, no longer a game, no longer even ‘British’ as my parents understood the word …


  2. Sad isn’t it, Marconatrix – “British” as your parents understood the word encompassed many values including establishment war myths and supremacy. As almost all other values were lost over the past 30 odd years,and what’s left is on the way out, all we have left is . . . .


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