Christmas Greetings 2018


This is an official  announcement from the

Christmas Greeting from Westminster

brought to you mostly by Oxford & Cambridge graduates and English public school attendees

Risultati immagini per downing street christmas tree

Risultati immagini per christmas card

To tell all our Loyal subjects, particularly those affected by the falling £,

rising prices and costs, risk of losing their jobs,

companies de-locating, re-structuring, closing,

all of you who are going to be poorer next year and the year after that . . .

Risultati immagini per fuck over


To anyone who warned us repeatedly that Brexit would end in tears
All of you standing aghast at the position the UK and Westminster has got itself into

We don’t mind and you don’t matter

To the Irish who trust in the strength of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and the Backstop
The Northern Irish who are still desperately looking for a way out of the UK and

Risultati immagini per border communities against brexit
The Irish border community who risk being shafted again by the UK and Westminster

Hard luck!

To the Scots who are desperately looking for a way out of the Brexit debacle and the UK

To the English and Welsh who are profoundly divided

So what? The UK voted as one!

Risultati immagini per jeremy corbyn

To anyone who believed Jeremy Corbyn offered an alternative to Brexit
Academics who have been belittled
Our business associations who have been ignored

Risultati immagini per farm

Our farmers who will lose out big-time and
Our Europeans who are leaving

Brexit is worth more than all that minor upheaval 

To any Brit  whose partner isn’t the “right sort” with a lot of money
Whoever doesn’t earn a phenomenal annual salary and can’t afford an EU partner

Any Brit that is stuck in Europe at risk of losing their jobs, homes and health assistance

The Brits who are stuck in the UK and can no longer work or study in the EU

Risultati immagini per eu health card
The cross-nation sick and elderly who count on EU health cards

Risultati immagini per scientists
UK scientists who work across the EU, grant-wise, staff-wise, conference-wise

We won. Get over it 

Risultati immagini per gatwick drones
To Gatwick passengers who lost all their money

and missed out on their holidays

(force majeure)

due a fake Drone scare

Immagine correlata

Insincere best wishes for Xmas from Westminster


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