Suspended Animation for Brexit

Risultati immagini per Stormont's dead

That’s the NI Assembly at the moment

Locked. Barred. Closed to all.

That’s  PM Theresa May’s  UK Government at the moment.

Paralysed by fear of the consequences  Brexit has unleashed
They say they are waiting until after the Budget before presenting their plan

They still do not know the precise shape of the most severe rupture to Britain’s trading relations since 1945.

The Tories are split beyond repair.

They’re Waiting for Godot.

Risultati immagini per waiting for godot

Waiting for something to move, cede, provide a line out of the Brexit dilemma  they created all by themselves

Risultati immagini per scottish wildcat pounces

That’s the Scottish Government at the moment,

with the SNP waiting  and circling for the right moment to pounce

Here’s the Brexit Sleeping Beauty

Risultati immagini per suspended animation

The EU have called off the November meeting unless there is tangible progress

If there’s no progress we can expect “No Deal Brexit” to be announced in December

Risultati immagini per suspended animation


The Press are silent.

No one has any idea of what will happen

A second referendum?

A general election?

A plan from PM May?

A proposal?

The glimmer of an idea?

Risultati immagini per suspended animation

British, Scottish and Irish humans will be kept between Life in the EU and Death in Brexit Britain

Until PM May, her cabinet   and the DUP decide which way they want  to jump

On behalf of  all of us – whatever we want, whatever way  we voted or didn’t vote

Particularly in Ireland

And in Scotland

Remember: In Northern Ireland, we have got used to DUP-like politicians ruling the roost for the past 100 years.

We know what the Orange State meant and means

It may come as a shock to the rest of you.

Risultati immagini per that's life

Now the DUP thinks it’s   Icarus.

Drunk on the power of their 10 Westminster seats, holding the Conservative Brexiteers to ransom to the sound of  £1 billion,

Risultati immagini per icarus

They fly into the Mediterranean Sun and now think they can hold the entire EU to ransom over the “backstop”

And here’s the DUP and ERG Brexit Fantasy of Resurgent Britain!

Wonderwoman Britannia ready to take on all comers!


Risultati immagini per suspended animation

Oh the hubris that awaits!

How far will the “mighty” fall?

Risultati immagini per hubris


Wonder Woman In Suspended Animation Tube.

Waiting for Godot

Suspended Animation – Limited Edition

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