Blanketmen – the way we were

The mass media propagate rumours and threats of rumours about what will happen with Brexit-

Time extension for the UK or not?

Backstop for Ireland or not?

Rebellion, mutiny and mass resignations of  UK cabinet ministers  over the weekend?

Brexit deal agreed over the weekend?

Comment: perhaps chaos is the goal.


Will the DUP  trigger a no-deal Brexit ?

Remember: the DUP is utterly determined to destroy the GFA. A crash-out no deal on Brexit as their way to achieve this

So is “No Deal” the  likeliest outcome?

Even though it means thousands of job losses?

And goes against the wishes of the  majority of people in NI?

We listen to the DUP threaten M. Barnier and PM May as they demand a hard land border in Ireland that all nationalists/republicans, farmers and business people as well as the Irish Government  will hate

The DUP will lose every which way it moves because

they have said no to:
remaining in the EU
a sea border
any more checks
a land border
the customs union
being a rule taker

NO to the UK budget unless they get guarantees over the backstop



Despite these contradictory positions, they think they are riding high on the crest of power

but they  are

Risultati immagini per lost in the maze

of English politics, English interests, the disdain and humiliation of Westminster being held to ransom

by  bigotted Irish fundamentalists and the scorn of Irish voters

Comment: if “No Deal is as catastrophic as predicted and  the DUP  take out a Tory PM, they will be the easiest and most obvious scapegoat 

The UK Government has got itself into a dreadful position over Brexit due to an extreme right -wing coup by that  crank Jacob Rees-Mogg and his DUP henchmen

Or maybe it was all down to the UK Government’s

Risultati immagini per whatevs

If the Tories actually push the self destruct button on the GB economy to grant the DUP’s desire for a walled-in Northern Ireland where they rule the roost,

Ireland, north and south, will pay a heavy price

As will Scotland, too, of course

Comment: And all because of  the democratic deficit of population numbers in the UK!

We know the EU Treaties cease to apply to the United Kingdom next March if there is  no agreement.

We get news about English plans to  stockpile food and medicines, parts for factories,

There will be no

Risultati immagini per there will be no

flights, ferry travel,  valid driving licences,  haulage,   free “roaming”, studying in Europe,  Erasmus scholarships,  EU farming subsidies,reciprocal health insurance and so on and so forth . . . . .

And probably no more devolution for Scotland and NI as

permanent Westminster rule kicks in and

now will never be the time for any referendum

What about my rights as an EU citizen?

You’ll be stripped of them – just as the Blanket men were stripped of their clothes and their rights as prisoners, whether they were considered “political” or “ordinary decent” prisoners

By the very same type of right-wing Conservative UK government,

aided and abetted by the DUP and Ulster Loyalists

Risultati immagini per strip search

In this time of uncertainty, let ‘s turn our thoughts to people who were totally convinced of the right of their cause

Who laid their lives on the line and one was even elected MP in Westminster

Risultati immagini per bobby sands MP

Who showed us what the  human spirit can achieve in the direst of circumstances

2 thoughts on “Blanketmen – the way we were

  1. May, not fit as an English prime minister.
    Bows to blackmail the price of power she will lose her job and will be remembered as a failure


    • Welcome to the site and thanks for your comment Joe.
      If only PM May’s loss of her job and being rmembered as a failed PM were the worst to happen with this UK government .
      You may have seen today that Mr Raab refused to sign up to the deal on the table, that M. Barnier is going to “de-brief” the EU governments and the EU parliament
      So it looks like “No Deal Brexit” here we come


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