Brexit and Stormont – The Heel Reports


Negotiations are at a cross-roads. No further meetings are currently scheduled. Bargaining has  not advanced beyond square one.
In a sign of growing desperation, Boris Johnson met eight eastern European foreign ministers at Chevening on Sunday

In the old, old , well-worn, Brit Ace-in-the-Hole

Image result for divide and conquer routine

Comment: always the same kindergarten trick of trying to circumvent the appointed negotiator

Assessment: Bound to fail.

In an attempt to break the Brexit deadlock, David Davis, will travel to Brussels on Monday for unscheduled talks  to try and open up negotiations with key figures from EU member states.

He says he won’t be meeting M.Barnier

Davis doesn’t turn up when he’s supposed to, yet bangs on other people’s doors when it suits him.

Luckily the EU said their team were available 24/7.

And indeed they are – M Barnier and M Juncker hastily scheduled dinner with Treeza and David!! It will last a whole  90 minutes!

Theresa May is making an unexpected trip to Brussels for an emergency  meeting with  Michel Barnier and Jean-Claude Juncker!!!!! After  telephone conversations with Frau Merkel and other EU leaders, PM May is said to be anxious to break the impasse on talks!
Comment: panic, anyone? 
Image result for panic

NBMs May and Mr Davis are scurrying to Brussels. No-one from the EU is planning a trip to London any time soon

Comments:What big signs of the UK’s strong negotiating position!

Remember: the EU has no obligation whatsoever to put UK interests first.

The EU has no obligation whatsoever to rescue the Tory party  from its own shortcomings and in-fighting

Update: 16/10/2017: Enjoy your dinner, Theresa? Was that your last throw of the dice?

A joint statement from Juncker and the prime minister following their dinner gave no indication of any movement in the British government’s favour, but instead included reference to the sequenced approach to the talks insisted upon by Brussels.

Image result for heel, dog


If the Conservative Party is having difficulties in learning how to come to heel,

Image result for house training dogs

it’s not having much joy in house-training its allies in the DUP

The DUP Policy is always the same –

The answer’s NO.  Now what’s the question?’

Image result for theresa may's grimaces

NO to the Conservative Party’s  NHS pay cap and tuition fees
NO to the Conservative Party’s WASPI women’s pension policy
NO to a new Stormont Assembly Administration

NO to this sign being carried at a Belfast  Pride Parade (even though it was carried in London)

Fuck The DUP Six Ways To Sunday

With friends like that 

Image result for theresa may's grimaces

what’s a girl to do?

Image result for dogs to heel


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