Burning Question After Brexit – Loathesome or May Not

No we’re not going to talk about loyalist bon(e)fires

flag bonfire
We’ve said all we wanted to on that subject


The Mirror has never condoned this behavioural addiction


bonfire fuck

or  the  abnormal behaviour of every authority in NI as they play

Image result for pass the parcel

so as to

Image result for pilate washes hands

wash their hands of any responsibility for dealing with  this obsessive, anti-social behaviour.

Anyway, it’s all  so pre-Brexit.

And talking about Post-Brexit, let’s consider the battle for Tory leadership – Loathesome vs May Not


Here’s what our lovely SOS Theresa Villiers  got up to today in London!

Did you spot her in her pearls and beige cardigan?

Chanting “What do we want? Leadsom for leader. When do we want it? Now.”?

Keeping her head turned away from the camera?

I’d recognize that hairstyle anywhere!!

Comments: Our SOS on a  protest march! Well I never!
Bet that’s the first in her life!
Associating with the Orange Order certainly taught her how to do politics!

Queries:  Did she and her fellow marchers get all the proper authorizations?
Or are they only required for plebs’ protests?






3 thoughts on “Burning Question After Brexit – Loathesome or May Not

  1. How dare you refer to that as a ‘hairstyle’? It is a sentient being, albeit malevolent, that has taken control of that poor woman’s brain. By God, it’s got a great sense of situational awareness when it comes to cameras, though.

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