After Brexit – Never a dull moment

Since “Brexit Day” the UK looks increasingly ungovernable. 

No-one knows where it is headed. As we said before

“Post-Brexit: It’s impossible to predict what the future of the UK might look like or even whether it will exist at all in its current form”

Today, less than a week after the vote, ruling and opposition parties have no leaders.

There’s no plan A, not to mention any plan B and the “UK” could not be more dis-United if it tried.


telephone box

Hellair, country here, when are you actually going to get around to sorting out our Brexit decision?”
telephone box 3
Hellair. This is the UK government speaking.

Brexit means Brexit”
“No general election before 2020”.

Comments:  The sun is finally setting on the “British Empire”.

 Britishness is nothing but pomp and circumstance, with no substance.

mirror 3

It’s all empty, all just show.The Union is fracturing. 

Thanks to Leave campaign’s 1) non-existent plans and 2) lack of thought about the effects

Image result for brexit leave slogans

And here’s Northern Ireland’s lovely, extremely  right-wing Conservative Secretary of State encouraging people to vote Leave, cause economic and social  upheaval in the UK, the EU and internationally and seriously damage Ireland and its peace process

Remember: Those who voted Brexit voted for the dissolution of this disUnited Kingdom and dysfunctional “family of nations”.

dysfunctional family


one question

Did anyone tell Arlene?
telephone box
Hellair, country here, when are you actually going to get around to breaking up this disUnited Kingdom?

cute question


Since Westminister legislated for English votes for English laws,  why shouldn’t we have English votes for English exits?

Remember:  England and Wales forced the issue


Are  Northern Ireland and Scotland happy to live under a UK government, or are we not?
Are we nations or are we not?
Do we have a future in the UK, outside of the EU, or do we not?
As nations  do we risk being “ dragged out of the EU against our will”?

Is this a violation of our nations’ right to self determination?
telephone box 3
Hellair. This is the UK government speaking.  What’s that you mentioned?

Right to self-determination? What’s that?
telephone box
“Hellair, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and Scotland here
“It’s our legal right to decide our own destiny in the international order”.

Comment: External self-determination refers to full legal independence/secession for the given ‘people’ from the larger politico-legal state. It is the right of peoples to determine their own political status and to be free of alien domination, including formation of their own independent state.
telephone box 3
Hellair. This is the UK government speaking.  How  did you come up with that idea?
telephone box
Hellair, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and Scotland here
The UN wrote it down” 

“Article 1 1. All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

the horror

Remember: The Spanish PM’s attitude towards Ms Sturgeon “We’ll only talk to the UK” could be construed as violating the same principle.

Indeed,  at this very moment in time, discussions are taking place in Brussels about transitional arrangements for an independent Scotland to remain in the European Union (EU) after the UK leaves. And Robert Fico (Prime Minister of Slovakia),who will be the EU’s next President  from next Monday onward, has offered to help broker a velvet divorce for Scotland from the rest of the UK if Scotland votes to become an independent nation.

telephone box 3
Hellair. This is the UK government speaking.   What about the Good Friday Agreement?
telephone box
Hellair, Northern Ireland here

The moment the UK leaves the EU you are in breach of the GFA because it sets out how the Westminster and Dublin governments are to co-operate in matters pertaining to us. It is inconceivable that Sinn Fein, our main nationalist party,  and probably other parties too, would not make representations to the UN”.

telephone box
Hellair, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and Scotland here

All we want to know is, if the UK leaves the EU, can we remain in?
If the answer is No, then the next ones are:

Will we remain in

if Scotland becomes an independent country before the UK leaves the EU ?
if Northern Ireland votes for a Re-United Ireland before the UK leaves the EU?

After all our lovely SOS can’t stop us otherwise she’d be denying us the right to self-determination

can Gibraltar stay anyway?

It’s in the Med! And Senor Rajoy wants it!

Comment: Not exactly  difficult questions.

EU President to help UK with velvet divorce after Scottish independence–former-EC-adviser.html#ixzz4DA3jLpce


7 thoughts on “After Brexit – Never a dull moment

  1. Indeed oglach – the night and the nightmare will go on and on and on waiting for Westminster to trigger Art 50. Watch the EU pull the plug come September if there’s no move before then!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Even after Article 50, there will be much dragging of feet. They’ll use their full two years and every means at their disposal to have their cake and eat it, too. We’re looking at a long recession—and everything that goes with it. And that’s just my optimistic side. Oh, by the by, one of your best posts. Thanks.


  3. “We’re looking at a long recession—and everything that goes with it” –

    Not really if Enda realizes he has 26 allies in Europe, gets the finger out and throws the country’s weight behind re-unification. rather than prancing about acting like England’s new best friend –

    Fg and FF have never seemed interested in re-unification and don’t seem to have got their heads round the fact there’s rich pickings to be had as financial services, banks, online shops, technical and technology businesses, manufacturing etc will soon start relocating from the UK so they can continue trading in the EU with no extra problems. Easyjet is already taking soundings.

    Frankfurt, Amsterdam are looking interested and Paris is already sending out invitations to the banks along the lines of “sorry to hear about your divorce. Care to go out on a date and maybe see my house at la Défense? Remember it could be yours too one day if you like it”

    English speaking Dublin and Edinburgh should be in the game of dividing the spoils of Brexit too,
    Edinburgh certainly will be once the Scots get Indyref2 over and done with!!
    Dublin won’t be unless we have reunification,
    Otherwise The Republic will probably languish as a backwater with a hard EU frontier at its back and Northern catholics/republicans/Nationalsits/non-bigoted protestants will once more be penned into poverty in a reactionary Orange/English state .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your last sentence here is what I see in my crystal ball. I very much hope that I’m wrong. You’re right; there is a HUGE opportunity in the midst of this crisis. I just hope that opportunity is seized.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I would sugest that the rest of Europe be picky about which rich pickings they choose to allow in. Much of the early leavers are tainted.


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