Who Murdered and Raped British Children? part 2

The Australian TV programme “60 minutes” has just broadcast a programme about the British Establishment’s   engagement in paedophilia, rape and murder of  children. It’s the tip of the iceberg.

We have already discussed the issue here


Interestingly one of the victims who came forward in the Australian film is

richard kerr

Richard Kerr, now in his mid-50s, from the notorious


Kincora Boys Home Belfast

You may remember we discussed

kincora book



Warning: The “60 minutes” film is disturbing in content and is suitable only for adult viewers. Please do not watch if you  think you could be upset,  traumatised or even God forbid, re-traumatised


Zac Goldsmith


Esther Baker Speaks Out


You can also see a video interview with Mr Kerr here


westminster parl





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