Unionist Pact and the Orange Order – Power at all costs

A non party organisation distorts the democratic process in NI

Agreed candidates from the DUP and UUP will run in four constituencies to “maximise” the pro-British vote

Query: or to “maximise” the pro-Orange Order  vote?

Friends assure me this Unionist pact is legal –

Something similar is fairly common across Europe, from the Basque Country to Belgium”, they say

It may even happen in England if the Conservatives gang up with UKIP to block British Labour


Query: Isn’t there something profoundly undemocratic about such pacts?

mind over matter

The voter is forced to support a grouping of politicians who are determined to hold on to their seats.
The voter doesn’t vote because s/he has no way to express a more nuanced political viewpoint


Query: What’s the role of the role of non-party actors?

super surprise
In the Unionist Pact all four candidates are members of the Loyal Orders

danny kennedy
Danny Kennedy MLA


tom elliott.jpg_1024
Tom Elliott MLA
Elliott is a Past County Grand Master of the Orange Order within Fermanagh, and Assistant Secretary to the Grand Lodge of Ireland. He is also a member of the Royal Black Preceptory and the Kesh branch of the Apprentice Boys of Derry (ABOD).


dodds orangeman
–  Rt. Hon Nigel Dodds MP


gavin robinson
–  Alderman Gavin Robinson

More about Our Gav here



Query: Should Unionist voters be given the ” choice”  to vote only for members of the orange order?


Choosing the candidates

The Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt said he hoped to meet the DUP Leader Peter Robinson to discuss unionist pacts for the Westminster election.

Remember: the more exclusive selection methods are (eg only party leaders and top level fonctionnaires) , the higher the involvement and the influence of non-party actors

Query: Were any grassroots members involved in deciding on this Pact?Did anyone hear of any “primaries”?

In NI this doesn’t matter to the Pact Parties ( UUP and  DUP)

The Orange Order will win no matter how low the turnout at the polls

Pact Parties approach an election as an occasion for them or non- party actors to take over power


Tell me again  – what’s democracy  about in NI and the UK?







4 thoughts on “Unionist Pact and the Orange Order – Power at all costs

  1. But what if Sinn Féin stood aside in East Belfast and urged their voters to support Naomi Long on the basis of her SF-similar liberal/progressive track record, despite her Unionist-lite credentials? Is that “sectarian” or an appeal to progressive politics?

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    • actually seamas that’s not the point I’m making – It seems it is perfectly legal for political parties to make pre-electoral alliances and agreements etc (though I still feel it limits voter choices).

      The point is that a non-party organisation (the orange order) is influencing pact making etc. and distorting democracy because unionist voters in these areas are forced to vote for its members.
      I wonder how legal that is as the OO is not a political party ,
      I’m no lawyer but something seems profoundly wrong with this set.up


      • Ah, I get you. That’s a fair criticism. I suppose the OO is to the DUP and UPP what the Tea Party was to the Republican Party a couple of years ago. Or the infamous Koch bothers still are. I don’t think there are any legal implications because parties can have any links they want with any organisations. The Alliance Party is linked to the Lib Dems and both are influenced to some degree by the Rowntree Trust and its off-shoots. An organisation that is less than open in its politicking. Then UK Labour is allied to the TULO. In fact 31 Labour MPs at Westminster are technically members of the Co-operative Party, a political party legally separate from Labour. They stand as joint “Labour and Co-operative Party” candidates.


  2. “The Alliance Party is linked to the Lib Dems and both are influenced to some degree by the Rowntree Trust and its off-shoots.”
    yes but as far as i know, Alliance and Lib-dems don’t set up only Rowntree trust members ars the only candidate to vote for in certain constituencies. However without investigating further i have to admit they may well do so.
    On the other hand, the UUP and DUP are blatantly setting up candidates who are all members orange Order (a non-party actor)

    Your point about the Labour Party doesn’t count – as you said they are joint “Labour and Co-operative Party” candidates. which comes under the “Party alliances and agreements”

    The problem is the non-party actor, the OO, in NI


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