Bye-Bye, Auntie Beeb

Currently the BBC licence fee is £145.50 a year

Dating back to 1946, it was classified as a tax in 2006

It is required to access BBC, ITV, Channels 4 and 5,  satellite and cable  TV stations,

Comment So it’s a sort of poll tax?

no to poll tax

Yes, indeed except for  people over 75 .


If you don’t pay and you  watch live television at home you face a fine of up to £1,000 .

And if you don’t pay your fines you could ultimately face jail.

armagh gaol


But you can watch re-runs of programmes without a licence and nearly 500,000 people access BBC I-player for free

What to do?

Some people suggest introducing voluntary subscriptions instead of the licence fee

on other hand 2

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee, chaired by

John Whittingdale

Conservative MP John Whittingdale, wants the UK

to scrap the TV Licence – and replace it with a broadcasting tax for ALL households.

tv poll tax

Even if you don’t own a TV or only watch catch-up TV online you’d still have to pay,




A Daily Telegraph poll asked if the licence fee should be scrapped :
Yes 84.1%  (2,931 votes) 

No     9.38%  (327 votes) 
 Makes no difference to me 6.51%  (227 votes) 
 Total Votes: 3,485
bbc meme
Here’s what some English people think of the BBC and its licence fee. They even mention Belfast and NI’s best loved show


Query: What do  the  Scottish Nationalists have to say?

                               “enough is enough” 

A Veteran Lefty Scot Nat, who campaigned against the poll tax in his day


Jim Sillars refused to appear on the BBC as he seemingly blames the broadcaster for the Yes defeat in the referendum.

Sillars also said that he’d refuse to pay for another TV licence but he’s 76 years old  and doesn’t have to.

After months of accusations having being thrown at the BBC for biased reporting,

many of the 45ers (people who voted YES in September’s Referendum on Scottish Independence)  have decided  they will no longer be paying their BBC licences,

wings over scotlnd

Wings over Scotland

Readers should make their own decisions about whether to keep funding the BBC or whether to stop doing so lawfully.

We’ve made ours.


Meanwhile over in Wales

as far back as 2011 Plaid Cymru’s annual conference has voted to support a campaign to not pay the BBC licence fee over a dispute about who controls Welsh language programmes


What’s happening in NI?Any discussion on this topic?

no change

We still 

rem 1690


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