Spare the rod, spoil the Kafflick


What’s been happening in our beloved Northern Ireland while I’ve been a  bit sick over the past few days?

bullshit detected
A police ‘wall of steel’ lined a Loyalist march/walk as it passed the nationalist Short Strand in east Belfast.

Some 37 bands and 2,000 people took part in the walk/march by the Ballymacarrett District lodge No 6

wallof steelshort strand
Residents could not see the parade. Supporters of the parade could not see residents

out of sight


is this normal

Then we had MLA  Monsters


Oops – Sorry -DUP  Ministers supporting a protest at Tenant St police station while 4 men were questioned

which was followed by a perfectly reasonable Parades Commission determination
barring a 12 July Orange Order walk/march from returning along part of the Crumlin Road in north Belfast
The Orange Order can walk/march down but not up the road
Query: What’s the problem?
not fine


Query: Who knew being a Protestant was about marching up roads?

I thought it had something to with worshipping God


is this normal

The future of the powersharing administration in Northern Ireland was again in doubt tonight after Unionist parties walked out of a political talks process in protest at the banning of an Orange Order parade.

Comment: For the series; “we went to talks so you have to do what we say! So we’re leaving in a huff because you didn’t

is this normal
let me tell you



walk out of work


no work zone


no work, no pay


Proposal: Take the money of these idiots!!




Comment: They’ve missed the whole point of ‘talks’….if that’s their attitude, press ahead with decisions without them there.

what to do


tough decisions


change lock
Proposal: Now that they’ve walked out, close the doors and change the locks


Query: What is this mythical way ‘Protestant way of life’ they refer to?


As we said last year

same old

NB: The average Protestant way of life is exactly the same as the average Catholic. Getting up in the morning, going to work, hanging out with friends and family etc



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