the United Kingdom – Why?

Both Unionism and Republicanism used to have pretty clear proposals for NI.
Since 1969 the Unionist vision of a “Protestant State for a Protestant People”has come apart
No one can put that vision together again.
Even the Better Together campaign against Scottish Referendum can’t seem to come up with a riveting vision of what Britishness means.


There are threats: If the Scots vote for independence, then they’ll be kicked out of the Sterling zone, out of the EU, out of NATO,
kick out

There’ll be Permanent Tory government.

forever and always

There’s prejudice: Scots hate the English

exiting thru door
There’s resignation: The response of the country that could become the rump United Kingdom has consisted either of a two-fingered good riddance; a regretful sigh, resigned that there is nothing to be done; or else a neutral, unbothered shrug of the shoulders.


There is a glaring ideological hole in Unionism and there is not much idea of what to fill it with in NI – apart from Orange Power.
ulster's chosen few

That’s the problem


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