Many people get perverse pleasure from the perceived wrong doing/thinking of others. They love nit-picking.


The DUP loves to parade any SF faux pas. DUP councillor Gary Middleton objected to Sinn Féin councillor Colin Kelly wearing the football shirt at a confidential meeting of Derry City Council.

Celtic shirt

The football shirt wasprovocative and “should not have been worn to a Council meeting”.“Like it or not, Celtic jerseys are deemed to be provocative and people can take offence,” he said.


Comment: Provoked by a jersey?

sauce for the goose
Sinn Féin leader in Belfast City Council, Cllr Jim McVeigh, objected when DUP Cllr Ruth Patterson put on a Linfield football scarf at a Council meeting

ruth in linfield scarf

Comment: Annoyed by a scarf?

Bullying and nit-picking are  not  features of political philosophy. They are features of human nature.

That’s why history repeats itself – not because the circumstances are the same but because human nature is the same.

wise up


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