“Ultra Sensitive” Orangeman

OrangeMan back
How dare they make me look at a member of my staff wearing Catholic/Republican gear, playing Catholic/Republican games, raising money for a children’s charity!!! For God and Ulster!!No Surrender
freakof nature
He claimed discrimination because the Dept of Social Development (NI) where he works published pictures of a charity GAA football match
gaa football match
the horror
and described the GAA stadium at Casement Park
casement park
as “hallowed ground”.
horror girl 2
after two soldiers were murdered at or near that ground in March 1988.
On 18 March 1988, the funeral was held at Milltown Cemetery, Belfast of Mairéad Farrell, Dan McCann and Seán Savage.
whose right to life the the European Court of Human Rights found the British government guilty of violating on the 27 September 1995. It was the first time the Court had found a violation of Article 2 of the Convention.
Stone killed 3 mourners in the graveyard

RIP Thomas McErlean, 20, married with two children.
RIP John Murray, 26, husband, father of two.
RIP Oglach Kevin Brady, 30.
And injured more than sixty, including a pregnant mother of four, a 72-year-old grandmother and a ten-year-old boy

The ruling said
We found the claimant’s attempt to link the phrase to the murder of two soldiers by terrorists to be somewhat distasteful.’
It was “surprising, to say the least” that any reasonable person could have considered pictures from the charity match were “a violation of his dignity, or thought that it created an intimidating, hostile or offensive workplace environment“.

Orangemen are not reasonable people
give thanks




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