In Belfast the UVF, PUP and Orange Order are one and the same thing

Peter Robinson replied to what Mr Mc Guinness said
The Deputy First Minister shows a visceral hatred of the Orange Institution in his interview.
While the DUP will always take its own decisions on political matters it deliberately invited a representative of the Orange Order to be part of the Haass Talks. I defy Martin McGuinness to deny that Mervyn Gibson’s contribution was anything other than instructive and positive. It is not a revelation to say that there is a link between the PUP and the UVF. Nor is there any news in the suggestion that just as the Orange has within its membership people who are in the DUP, UUP and TUV so too it includes members of the PUP

Comment: The UVF’s political wing are the PUP. They appear regularly on podiums together with DUP politicians and Orange Order leaders.

OrangeMan back

An Orange Order spokesman remarked
tired old mantra from a convicted terrorist, entirely without substance. Sinn Fein are masters of propaganda and one of their big tricks is to tell a big lie and keep on repeating it. We condemned terrorism when Mr McGuinness and his cohorts were actively involved in the IRA and continue to unreservedly oppose it today”.

orange gloves
Queries: What has that to do with links between the Orange Order, the PUP and the UVF? Or with lack of agreement of flags, parades, the past etc?
orange colarette
The Orange Institution have always stood firm against attacks from the republican movement. During the height of the Troubles these attacks included the brutal murder of over 300 of our members and over 300 arson attacks on Orange halls. Where physical violence failed in the past, so too will verbal attacks fail now.”
orange march
Queries: How many people were murdered by members of the Orange Order during the Troubles? How many members of Loyalist paramilitaries were also in the Orange Order?

orange march3
He added: “The Orange Institution takes its own decisions, applies its own decisions and stands by its own decisions. We will continue to speak out and act for what we believe is in the best interests of the Protestant and pro-Union community in Northern Ireland.
orange gloves

Queries::Why is the Orange Order involved in politics?
Shouldn’t politicians work for the common goood of all the people, not just “The Protestant People of Ulster”.
Who is going to deal with the Conflict of Interest vis-à-vis Orange order members who are MPs at Westminster amd MLAs in the Stormont Assembly?

auld orange flute bands

Same old, same old, Auld Orange Flute

The flute would play only “The Protestant Boys“.

When he tried it again, it played “Croppies Lie Down!”

Kick the Pope” and “Boyne Water” it freely would sound
But one Papish squeak and it couldn’t be found.

As the flames rose around it, you could hear a strange noise
‘Twas the Old Flute still a-whistlin’ “The Protestant Boys“.

orange flute band

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