No terrorist sympathizers in Westminster


Westminster has voted to start bombing Syria.

tornado jets

RAF planes are ready to take off.

hilary benn

Mr Hilary Benn’s speech in support of bombing Syria was praised as one of the best speeches ever to be delivered in the House of Commons.

Mr Benn is a wonderful orator.

An intellectual who can stir emotions.

A quintessential, upper class, ruling class  Englishman.

That’s the problem –  for non-English living in the British Isles  and for the English that are not convinced by the prevailing narrative.

His late father, well-known English radical, asked the powerful 5 questions


tony benn questions

I’d add  a few more this evening:

  1. How will more carpet bombing kill off

*A fanatical religious entity with an extremist, fundamentalist ideology

*A well-resourced terrorist group that controls substantial territory, regardless of the wishes of the local  population

*A fledgling nation-state i.e. a divinely-protected caliphate

2) How much is this evening’s vote at Westminster  about the ego of the British establishment?

3) How much is it about Britain “strutting the world stage”?

4) How much  is it  about Britian “standing tall” and “punching above its weight”?


One reason Mr Cameron wants to bomb Syria is to preserve Britain’s reputation as a major player.” Liam Clarke

What this bombing does is it makes the UK appear a wholehearted contributor to the campaign against Isis rather than a partial player. It’s very good in that respect, because it means when David Cameron sits down with other people in the Vienna talks, his voice carries more weight”. 

Major General Jonathan Shaw,  former colonel commandant of the Parachute Regiment

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