Pigsgate: Lock up your trotters!!


But you said to practice screwing the pork

The poor, David. Screwing the poor

Lord Ashcroft’s Revenge



The Conservative Party are now a threat to your livestock, the livestock of your family and the livestock of this country.

A crackling story.

After donating millions to the Conservative Party and working hard  to ensure it was victorious in general elections, Lord Ashcroft was rather annoyed he didn’t get a good post in the Cabinet. So he wrote an unauthorized biography of our dear leader,alleging that  while a student, he got up to no good with a dead pig .

sturgeon pig's mouth

It is understood the dead pig only ever performed oral sex on the Prime Minister the once and there is no suggestion that either party was romantically involved with anyone else at the time.


Rich boys who end up ruling British politics do things like  that to strengthen fraternity and most importantly, so everyone in the club has dirt on each other. Protecting them all from whistleblowers when they become corrupt  politicians.

David-Cameron 10

“I did not have sexual relations with that pig”

“No, I didn’t call her Babe”

“No, I didn’t need oinkment”

“No, she wouldn’t leave me aloin”

“No, I’ve never made a rasher decision”

Rember the fuss about Jeremy Corbyn not singing the National Anthem last week?

corbyn and cameron

British butchers are worried

under the counter

Can we now look forward to Miss Piggy’s memoirs?

“My part in Cameron’s downfall?

PS Stormont talks focussed on Ashcroft’s Revenge this morning

gerry and dave






5 thoughts on “Pigsgate: Lock up your trotters!!

  1. enjoy it while you can, lads. I heard there’s a rumour circulating on facebook that it’s not advisable to publish anything on the topic after midnight tonight – risk of legal problems. Don’t know if there’s any truth to this censorship threat but lucky Gombeen and I weren’t working late this evening!!


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