9 thoughts on “Scottish nationalists – now

  1. This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to re-blog it. Way more entertaining than what I was about to write.


  2. feel free to re-blog Oglach – the video deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. You’ll find other yew choob vids in posts about scottish independence – personally speaking I think they’re all great, even though many many might seem a little dated, because they are obviously referendum-related!

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  3. Ben, that was both hilarious and inspired! – Even though i have some English ‘DNA’ in me (only a quarter mind you). I left my ‘home town’ in Lancashire 11 years ago, and headed over to live close to my Mother’s birthplace in the South. I read (and vehemently reply) to the racist comments i read in the e-mail i get every eve, from the local paper (jeez, i must have delivered thousands as a kid! – 3 ’rounds’ after school). The utter growth in racism there alone, since i left horrifies me, let alone the rest of England – and the shower of Loyalist bigots, north of here (never any change there though) – a few more years and they’ll be in the minority population wise. Other than that – another concern i have for my friends / decent people in the UK – is that the shower of c**** that got a ‘whopping’ 37% of the vote in the G.E. could be in for 10 years at least, especially if Labour don’t get their act together with this Leadership Election. Corbyn could well be the one – but a 90% right-wing press despise him already – and always will. As regards the Tories – It makes me sick to think – but 2019 will see Theresa May elected Leader – and 2020 will herald the all new ‘Iron Lady’.

    Re: the video – Many Thanks to all involved in its conception/making!

    (I must sort out the ‘DoNotTrackMe’ thing your e-mail’s come via. Not necessary – especially as far as you’re concerned! )
    Cheers by the way for such an excellent web/blog-site!

    All t’best!



  4. hello again John – sorry for the delay in replying to your comment. As you know I have been away/offline for a bit but hope to get on with posting again shortly.
    glad you enjoyed the video – i will try and pass on your comments to the yew choob team who have come on by leaps and bounds since they started a couple of years ago. This one should be the watchword for the whole of the Uk – not just scotland. if only it was the UK is awake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJXvWtQ3-_c

    I appreciate what you said about the labour party, corbyn and so on. I will try and write something soon about what’s going on.

    How about sending me a piece about memories of life in your home town in lancashire and the changes you’ve seen? For the series – the way we were?


  5. Welcome to the site Barbara. I agree that taken all together – words, song and pictures – the video is an incredibly sharp comment on UK politics. It works on so many levels and that’s what people appreciate and like about it


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