Where’s the UK going? Now Scotland has gone

 “Scotland has gone”.



Does Mr Cameron know that  lot of people living outside of England  reject the British national identity?


Scotland: 62,4% of Scots identify as ‘Scottish only’.

welsh dragon

Wales: 66 % of  residents  expressed their national identity as Welsh

isle of ulster

NI: 60% do not have  British only national identity

British Party Politics:


If the SNP supplant Labour in Scotland, how can we still talk about British politics?


And if the DUP enter a Conservative coalition won’t it  be almost impossible?

In addition to National vs British divisions another cross party constitutional dilemma is raising its head

english republic

Republic is a non party-political organisation with members from all political parties. Its distinguished supporters include leading figures from politics, journalism, law and the arts.

The Republic Manifesto

Abolish the monarchy in favour of a democratic alternative: an elected head of state, a genuinely democratic constitution and an end to Crown powers.

Republic is encouraging its members to

ask your candidates to support the Republic Manifesto – a simple set of demands for democratic change?

Many candidates will have Republican beliefs or sympathies, but are afraid to air their views because they would consider it political suicide to do so.



If  there is significant republican sentiment within the electorate, they might  be persuaded to ‘come out of the closet’.

Query: What’s the likely outcome of the election?

  • David Cameron is returned as head of a majority administration, or part of another coalition with the Lib Dems as the Conservatives will not “get into bed” with Nigel Farage or make a deal with the UK Independence Party after the general election

Comment: If that happens the United Kingdom   ceases to exist.

Scotland is governed by a secessionist party and will have decided to dispatch – virtually en masse – secessionists to represent the people of Scotland at the UK parliament.

scottish saltire

Their freely elected representatives have no say in the governance of the nation of which they are citizens.


All this just 6-7 short months after 45% of Scots decided they didn’t want to be part of the UK anyway

snp threat

If you think this scenario would form the basis for the continuance of a United Kingdom you’re deluding yourself. A more disunited political settlement is hard to imagine.

Query: What else is   likely ?

  • Ed Miliband forms a government, propped up on a day-by-day, vote-by-vote basis by the SNP.


What’s wrong with that?

It’s  a recipe for anarchy in Westminster. The government of the United Kingdom would effectively be held to ransom by a party that wants to see the United Kingdom broken up.

Query: Anything else on the cards?


  • Milliband gambles away power by refusing to work with the SNP


Labour will lose… the election and Scotland forever. It is time for Labour to grow up and  accept that the Scottish people will decide their own future regardless of the desires of anyone south of the borders.

What’s the Final Solution?

  • Labour and Conservatives form a  National Government.
  • Together they will have the majority of votes in England
  • They have to save the Union
  •  Neither party  has ruled it outnonsense

And what about NI?

The DUP, ever venial, has presented its wish list.

dup wish list


The Orange Order has backed plans by the DUP to press for new parading legislation should it become the kingmaker in a hung parliament.

The DUP/Orange Order   proposal is encouraging and affirming those who want to boot the residents out of the way and march where and when they want.

What they want is more muscle in the ranks of the marchers and a gag in the mouth of the residents.

Step aside, Fenian,  if you don’t want trampled on.

Comment: That’ll go down well in English cities and towns with a large population of Irish origin 


Can you think of a better recipe for disaster?

 Isn’t it about time the ordinary Protestant  wo/man in the NI street started to see through  this nonsense ?

If the DUP and the Orange order  don’t get what they want will they stage another Covenant and Gun-running?

Who’d care if  a ‘British’ nation no longer exists?

And SF?

sf vote

Irish men and women in NI

Encourage voter registration, keep on canvassing to the end

On the DAY make sure all  supporters get to the polling stations  –

Seize the moment  because

There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures”.

Remember: Scotland is making history with this election, much more so than with the referendum . You can too

ulster says know


















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