Hidden Agenda



This week’s film is by Ken Loach  of The Wind that Shakes the Barley fame.

Loach’s work has always been strongly influenced by his left-wing concern for social issues. After reading Law

st peters college oxford

at St Peter’s College, Oxford he moved into television, becoming famous for  the 1966 docudrama

cathy come home

which dealt with working class people who were  homeless and unemployed.

Loach’s films  are characterised by a particular view of  realism and naturalism, emphasising the genuine interplay between actors and foregoing special effects 

The Spirit of 45

is Loach’s  homage to the birth of the welfare state and Beveridge spirit. It  even inspired the creation of

left unity

Left Unity, a new political party in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland), which has already started standing in local elections in England.

And here is one of his short films about Northern Ireland

Set against the backdrop of the conflict in Northern Ireland,

hidden agenda

  is  one of Loach’s most controversial works.It moves from Belfast, to the Northern Irish countryside and Dublin and shows how violent life was in the north for over 30 years.

It deals with the tricky subjects of state terrorism during the conflict. Released in 1990, the film depicts the fictional assassination of an American civil rights lawyer in the North and the repercussions.This version even has French sub-titles for our international audience






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