You YES yet? From Unionism to Independence

Saturday night – Film Night

This series of short video testimonials  started to appear a little while ago
Many different  people, in various jobs and of diverse political persuasions, bear witness as they wrestle with their consciences and move from Supporting Unionism to Supporting Scottish Independence.

Any chance of the same thing happening in Northern Ireland?

Are any Unionists moving through voting Remain in the EU to supporting a Re-United Ireland?

Are they willing to say so online?

Or does the  cry of 

still ring loud and clear to intimidate?

Risultati immagini per apprentice boys derry

Risultati immagini per apprentice boys derry



Enjoy as  old and new  Scots  debate the issues individually and freely  with no thoughts of any “Lundy”!

Maybe somewhere among them you can recognize someone like yourself.

And ask yourself

If s/he can do it, why can’t I?”

“Why don’t I?”




















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