Le vote is mightier than Le Pen.

Bravo! Vive la France!!Vive la République

Well done to the people of France and congratulations to M Macron!

I know- you would all have preferred a left-wing president

But  Ma Crone is better than  Le Pen


The Brexiteers must be so disappointed.

They were counting on Frexit and a full-fat break-up of the EU

NB. Mrs May is on a war-footing!

The Johnny Foreigner she has  hired to advise her in her Brexit negotiations is a negotiator who specialises in military conflict resolution.

Why does   Theresa May’s team want to rachet up  tensions with the European Union even more?

A cui bono? Who gains?


The EU? Or the lone UK manual worker? Chip, chipping away?


Banksy mural in Dover


PS – The BBC reported the Conservatives had a sweeping win against the  SNP  in the Local Scottish Elections on  4th May,


Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.

Will the BBC now spin M Macron’s victory  as a win for le Pen?





One thought on “Le vote is mightier than Le Pen.

  1. If you listen to Radio 4 you will find that the BBC is doing its best. The “win” is tempered with a whole load of buts and they even go so far as to mention frequently that he got less than 25% in the first round!

    The rest of it is all speculation about how terribly difficult it will be for him to govern without a majority party in the parliament. Maybe so but his difficulties will be nothing in comparison with what would have happened if Le Pen had been elected.


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