Ruthless DUP

Ruth Patterson will resign from Belfast City Council at the next election

DUP stalwart Nurse Ruth Patterson resigns . . . despite years of party service

Query: What’s her claim to fame ?
1) She didn’t like the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement

2) She has a strange view of history –

Comment: baffling yet not surprising from a party who believes that dinosaurs never existed
3)She refused to condemn the burning of the Irish flag.

Patterson said: “I don’t condone it but I’m not going to condemn it. The protesters are disillusioned.”
4)She sent a “grossly offensive communication”. after she made comments on Facebook about a planned republican parade in Castlederg, County Tyrone.

Police charged her and the DUP criticised her arrest and said they would raised the issue with the chief constable.
5) She attended a loyalist parade honouring notorious UDA members linked to numerous sectarian murders during the Troubles.
DUP were silent, refusing to comment
Query: So?
Instead of Ruth Patterson, DUP handed retired MLA Jimmy Spratt’s job to

young barrister Emma Pengelly, wife of Richard Pengelly — Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health ( soon to give evidence to the Stormont Nama committee  because his name had cropped up a number of times during evidence they had been given)

and daughter of Ulster Resistance stalwart
ulster resistance
Noel Little (right), close friend of Peter Robinson’s (second from left)
who did time for attempting to import weapons from south Africa in exchange for classified missile information from Short Bros Aircraft Factory

Little was one of the leaders of a massive loyalist blockade in Markethill that lasted for several days during the Drumcree protest nearly 20 years ago

Query:Remember the murder of the Quinn children?

He’s now working as a sort of verger in the Church of Ireland’s St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast, meeting and greeting visitors  . . . .

Query: What has Mrs Pengelly done to achieve such honour?
1) She was appointed as a special advisor to Ian Paisley and remained in the post when Peter Robinson became First Minister.
2) She has been a key member of the DUP talks team at  the Haass and Stormont House talks

3) She  has accompanied Robinson to the White House.
4) She’s just been drafted on to the Stormont committee investigating the Nama property scandal.

The DUP is sending a message.

strategy change

We’re young, glamourous, sexy, bright, highly educated . . .

bigotry 1

And for party stalwarts like Ruth Patterson . . . .

mind over matter
People Who DO Matter include the UDA,


an illegal paramilitary group,
who have just announced they still exist and are not going away, you know

They’re busy  “with the protection of their community at its heart and this we will maintain.”

Queries: Who gave them the job of protecting their community?

Protecting from what?

Silence from the DUP, despite threats to topple Devolved Government when the IRA was said to exist.

digging for info

People Who DO  Matter are the general public who are demanding to know why DUP ministers are receiving full-time salaries for resigning, and resigning, and resigning . . . .

Now DUP say they are working out a way to give the money  back!
Queries: Why were they ever paid? Who sanctioned payment?

who knows

But I have my suspicions!!!!


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