Ulster Still Stands at a Crossroads 1968 – 2013

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Ulster Unionists say NO to Dr Haass
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We are standing at a crossroads in Northern Ireland” the Haass blueprint argues.
This is a remarkable opportunity to make bold choices to address the issues that hold us back from meeting our society’s full potential”.
45 years ago Capt Terence O’Neill, then Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, made a similar speech – appealing to the same people.

He got nowhere. Here’s what happened afterwards from 1969 to 1998
• 3,725 people were killed
• People were killed where they socialised, lived and worked. They were killed at sports events, in hospitals, in prison, leaving churches and even inside places of worship.

Civilians were the largest group (54%) of the deaths
kevin Mc daid
People aged 18 .23.7 were the largest age group (25% or 898 people)
• 1,533 of the deaths were people under the age of 25.

gavin brett
257 were under the age of 18.6
Approximately 47,541 people were injured
wounded in belfast
More witnessed the horror of violent death.
• There were 36,923 shootings and
• 16,209 bombings
• Tens of thousands joined the paramilitaries and went to priso
prison 2
NB Every day of the year marks the anniversary of someone who died in the Northern Ireland conflict
omagh memorial
What can we now look forward to in 2014?

arrested development

Happy New Year Ulster!!
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Click to access fact_sheet_on_the_conflict_in_and_about_northern_ireland_2.pdf



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