No Pope Here – Never, ever, ever

hands off

Did you see the news? In Stormont assembly the other day Mr Robinson accused Mr Allister of “secretly” selling land to republicans in Co Fermanagh.
Mr Robinson added that it was “particularly sad that a member of the family wanted to buy the land and was turned down because the family decided to sell it to a republican”.
We’ve in a pretty pickle now when a good, upstanding Loyalist Protestant sells land to Catholics.
What are you talking about?
We’ve have always tried to prevent Protestant land and houses being sold to Catholics.


If someone did it the family would be sanctioned by the community
You know, friendly advice and if that didn’t work threats.
Then there were the ‘gatekeeper’ auctioneers. That’s when solicitors and estate agents withdraw land from sale if a buyer of the correct faith is not found.
no sale
Why? Surely the land should be sold to whoever offers the most?
The decision isn’t necessarily that of the man selling the farm. The pressure would come from those around him – fellow Protestants who would pull out all the stops to buy it themselves, rather than let it go to a Roman Catholic
You don’t understand anything. As far back as 1959 a resolution from Portglenone district in County Antrim was tabled at the Orange Order’s Central Committee ,
What did it say?
Any member of the Order who in future sells or in any manner whatsoever disposes of his farm house or other property to a RC [Catholic] should be expelled from the Order’
That soon put Protestants off the idea of seeking to sell our land to the highest bidder:

In fact few families actually sold their land. Many rented it out
are you serious
This land is our land and we are culturally the rightful proprietors,
promised land
Catholics are indiginous people in Ireland. Why can’t they buy the land if they can afford it?
I said we had a cultural right. Did you know that as far back as 1938 the Orange Order, developed a ‘Land Fund’ to purchase land for us Protestants. It exists to this day. It was for many years administered from the Orange Order’s headquarters.
well done
Where did it start?
Fermanagh but it was soon copied elsewhere
Why Fermanagh?
There was a fairly even mix of Catholics and Protestants.The Ulster Land and Property Company distributed an information pack to Orangemen. Its literature says it exists to acquire land and property for the benefit of the Orange institution, and thereby the Protestant people.
But the BBC said the Orange Order has denied any formal links with a company which aims to help its members to buy land because of concerns it could “fall into nationalist hands”.
bullshit detected
The logo on the top of the company’s presentation pack says: “Ulster is being sold – let us buy it“.
So you’re saying there’s an ‘unwritten rule’ among Protestant farmers that they should avoid selling land to Catholics because to do so would be, in Protestant eyes, to cede part of Northern Ireland to the South.
yes of course
hands off
If this is the focus of unionists to score points over one another it is clearly espousing a sectarian agenda,” said Sean Lynch,Sinn Féin MLA for Fermanagh-South Tyrone.
all legal
We don’t want themmuns encroaching into Protestant neighbourhoods.
Look at Belfast. ‘Gusty’ Spence, who re-formed the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)
uvf gunmen
into the first latter-day Protestant paramilitary in 1966, justified early UVF atrocities, arguing that these were needed to ‘hold the line
hold the line
in Protestant areas against Catholic incursion
So you are saying the symbol of ‘losing’ a street to the ‘other side’ fused territory and demography in inner-city Belfast, where Protestant paramilitaries were already active.
yes of course
Have you ever heard of FEAR?
Anybody who ever lived in Northern Ireland knows about fear.
I mean F E A R. Fear Encouraged Abandoning Roots. Arlene Foster is our leader.
FEAR employed a community worker to trace the families who abandoned their homes. And it applied to the European Union for financial assistance in helping families reclaim uncultivated land and restore old farmhouses. Over five years ending in 1999 the EU hopes to spend 1.5 billion ($2.3 billion) in the Irish border region. FEAR wants some of this money to be used to help people return home. Founder Foster argues that “if we could get even some of these people back on their land, it would be worthwhile.”


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3 thoughts on “No Pope Here – Never, ever, ever

  1. Theres some especially Free State Politicians maintain that these extreme Unionist ,Loyalist, Orange bigots are a minority . Foster and Robinson are unbelievably extreme and receive approx 27% of DUP voting electorate. Reading the above No Pope is getting stronger and Mc Allister buying that land is a decoy as that Orange fund is still there . There’s more to this than buying land in Fermanagh as was Robinsons excuse over Castlederg recently


    • Thanks for your comment Joe. I don’t know that they are a minority but I do know that not all protestants are so bigoted. All of them however feel British, not Irish.The TUV man’s wife was one of the inheritors of some land, The deceased proprietor’s will apparently said the land was to be sold and the money divided among the heirs, The executor of the will was Arlene Foster (see below). Like any executor she has the duty to administer the estate to best possible advantage of the heirs. So if a Catholic or Republican offered more for the land, the executor was legally bound to accept the best offer. Given the background mentality this has obviously caused disquiet, to say the least!!Have just seen this article

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