Can’t Pay. Won’t Pay – UK and Ulster

cant pay
Ulster says goodbye to UK millions
Minister Mike Penning “Follow our policies on welfare reform or we’ll start cutting millions of pounds a month from your funding
budget cuts
That’s the hardline message from Work and Pensions to Stormont’s welfare Minister Nelson McCausland .
Controversial changes to how benefits are doled out started back in April.
house of commons
But nothing has happened in Northern ireland despite warnings of potential big money losses if it didn’t follow suit.
head in sand
Mr Penning told the Nolan Show “if NI won’t go along with parity they can’t expect the rest of the UK to pay for that”.
end of the line
He accused NI politicians of burying their hands in the sand over welfare reform.
head in sand
Our lovely SOS
has already delivered the same message
“The truth is we don’t have as many resources as might have been available in times past
Mr Cameron
has already said “It’s Northern Ireland’s choice
It’s not a question of the UK Government ‘cutting’ [from the money it sends to Stormont]. This is a devolved system; it’s for the politicians in Northern Ireland to decide how much to spend on welfare and how much to spend on other areas of government policy.It’s for Northern Irish politicians to make their own decisions here”.
up to yiou
It will be their decision but obviously if they decide not to make those reforms there are financial consequences“.
what part no
UK taxpayers can’t or won’t pay for NI anymore
cant pay
Who could blame them?
We hate to say it but we told you so!!
budget cuts2

Scrap the Stormont Assembly – It’s not fit for purpose(2)

Planning at Stormont?
Northern Ireland’s environment minister
sdlp logo
Mark H Durkan dropped the Planning Bill,
hot potato
describing it as “bad law”
This angered the DUP, who are allegedly said to be the only party backing this deal.
They described it as an “antidemocratic decision“.
antidemocratic decision
Defying the democratic will of the assembly severely damages the credibility of the SDLP,” DUP chief whip Peter Weir warned.
credibility damaged
Despite a majority of nationalists and unionists being in favour of this legislation Mr Durkan is allowing party politics to cloud his judgment and defy the will of the assembly.”

What sort of a barrister is Mr Weir if he’s advocating majority rule to pass anti-EU legislation?
Peter Weir, called to the Northern Ireland Bar in 1992, former editor of the Ulster Review, member of Queen’s University Senate since 1996 and of the University Convocation
peter weir2
refused to support the Belfast Agreement of 1998,

what part no
saying in one television interview that the only positive comment he could summon for the Agreement was that it was “very nicely typed
He belongs to the Orange Order
orangeman in ni
and the Royal Black Preceptory.
royal black knight
Translation from Orangespeak to standard English:
No defiance, please Mr Durkhan, We’re Loyalists here. We’ll make allowances just this once for a temporary lapse on your part but please remember that in each and every circumstance , Croppies must lie down!!

What is the Planning Bill?
Introduced in January 2013 by Alex Attwood it was supposed to streamline the planning system and speed up decision making.

It was part of The Stormont Executive’s commitment to their joint development plan, a new package of proposals to rebalance the NI economy and secure a shared future for all its people,a pact that was signed in Downing Street.
downing st
The Republic of Ireland’s only role was to send tourists up North.
In June most MLAs knew little about what was being proposed in two last-minute amendments but voted for them anyway
Sheep in Fog
These amendments (if they had proven legally tight) would have handed absolute power to the DUP and Sinn Fein to:
 set Enterprise Zones exactly where they wanted them (and reap the maximum political advantage);
 wave through almost any economic project that took their (or their political backer’s) fancy;
 and defy the courts and by extension ordinary citizens any legal redress against OFMdFM decisions in this regard.

Logical Questions
Were the amendments an attempted power grab?
power grab
A cooked-up opportunity to control exactly which communities and which developers get the plum economic opportunities and which don’t?
Were they introduced to satisfy the request of any particular company?
a company
What’s Mr Cameron going to do once he learns the pact he signed has already gone the way of so much else in Northern Ireland?
david cameron
Would all this happen in London or Dublin? Edinburgh or Cardiff?

(to be continued)