The Case for the Union

Hello everyone! I’m back!!


After a wee trip, the flu, a couple of weeks overwork and a lot of boredom with the news in Ireland

(Still no government and a lacklustre Stormont Election campaign)

same old

same old, same old

I couldn’t resist tonight’s Saturday Night Film

It tells you why Unionists/Loyalists really support the Union

What they would never tell us

What we could never find out as it defies all rational thought-patterns

Moves beyond all known boundaries of Sense and Sensibility

Celebrates Pride and Prejudice!!

warning mass confusion

Here we go!!


bullshit detected

*The  film-makers confused Britain with England

*The Union/Empire  lasts forever.

* It can never be wrong.

*Unionists and Empire apologists  walk a long, long way  from reality, in an imaginary  rose-tinted land that never existed outside of their fantasies


Special recommendation for all those DUPed and TUVed people in our wee province: 

Nostalgia for  a mythical  past won’t provide you with a future outside of the EU

That particular  fable is  not coming back

It  was never there in the first place.

Remember The Mirror’s motto:

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us

 To see oursels as ithers see us!


Terminator pic


Why Britain is the Greatest Nation on the Earth

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