“Twaddell Initiative”

breaking news
You’ll never believe the good news. The Orange Order
sovreign grand master
fantasy land
has offered talks with Ardoyne residents to resolve the dispute over the march
The ‘Twaddell Initiative’ promises full and open dialogue with nationalist residents
But only after Orangmen
orangeman in ni
complete the last leg of a contentious loyalist march in Ardoyne.
In other words , “you’re not going to talk to ‘Taigs’ unless you finish your march!”
unionist win2

welcome to ccc
On 12 July, the legal Parades Commission made a decision as is their job.
no way back
They blocked the march along a stretch of road separating loyalist and nationalist communities.
After the march was stopped
no orange
44 police officers were injured during three nights of rioting
For the 2013 parades the Order wouldn’t talk to residents and this parade was banned.
Don’t you remember the Orange Quadrille?

But the Orngeman replied “Too far, too far!” and gave a look askance —
Said he thanked Residents kindly, but he would not join the dance.

In response to the “Twadell Initiative” the Parades Commission said
not pass
to the Unionists and the Orders.It publicly deconstructs how it was first heard of the “Initiative” from the media.
mass media
It dismissed the grounds for a late application, commented on failure to abide by its ruling for the 12th July parade and continued breaches of its determinations.

What brought about this “generous” offer anyway? Hamza Abù?
The autumn’s coming in
autumn storm
and the Twadell Civil Rights Camp
twadell camp2
is feeling the cold and wants to up sticks?
twadell camp
No, the Haass talks
richard haas
The Orange statement:
We are also conscious that the issue of parades, flags and the past are to be the subject of intensive and ongoing political discussion. We wish to contribute to a positive atmosphere for the Haass talks and assist them to reach a successful conclusion.
pants down
Caught with your pants down eh?
The DUP leader Rt. Hon.
all about me
Peter Robinson MLA said:
The Parades Commission has failed to give due recognition to the dialogue in July this year and in previous years. The commitment and foresight of the offer of dialogue for 2014 is to be welcomed. Now they have the opportunity to do so.
too little too late
The onus is now upon nationalism
finger pointing
to show leadership and to respond positively to this genuine attempt to reach accommodation. They must face down the elements in their community who wish to drag Northern Ireland back.
The act of sharing a main arterial route for a few minutes would boost community relations in North Belfast significantly and generate a positive atmosphere for the Haass process.”
so what he’s shouting is ” help! help! Get me
off the hook

bullshit detected


Click to access the-ligoniel-combine-05-10-13-det.pdf


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