Ireland – the first nation to vote for gay equality

1916: the Irish threw off the shackles of British imperialism
2015: today they threw off one of the shackles of Conservative Jansenism-based Catholicism.
From today onwards, the Irish will be known as a progressive, compassionate and forward thinking people.

Women of Ireland

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The next referendums are for you –

You will finally take your place among the “cherished children of the nation

Remember : neither Church nor State has a role to play in regulating women’s bodies.

So what’s happening in Northern Ireland – the place that’s preventing the UK from being totally in favour of equality for gay people? Or conversely, preventing Ireland from being totally in favour of equality for gay people?

At present  British women and LGBT  in Northern Ireland    are second-class British subjects.

No 1967 Abortion Act, No 2014 Same-sex  Marriage Act.

Irish people  are scarcely tolerated and were certainly denied a vote in the Referendum that was  held a few miles down the road.

Footballers and not, we’ll be coming down that road.

Like Republicans, Nationalists and  Catholics, Northern Irishwomen and  LGBT people do not want or expect “acceptance” from  religious bigots.

No one has the right to presume we need or want their “acceptance”  –  any more than we think we should “accept” the religious bigots and their beliefs.

It’s arrogant in the extreme to even suggest that we need to be “accepted“.

The bigots  imagine they have the  authority  to  refuse to “accept” others . This authority exists  only


in their fevered mindsets.


What we all  demand is that  somehow, in some way,  they  are obliged to relinquish  that imaginary  authority.

Mairead Farrell (1957 – 1988): the life, times and death of one Belfast woman

All of you who missed the  excellent documentary on Mairead Farrell which was aired last night can catch it here

Do watch the life, times and death  of one Falls Road   woman from Belfast as she reacted to the circumstances she found herself in and decided accordingly.

Here’s another Unfinished Conversation with Mairead













During the programme reference is made to  many events which influenced Mairead

and determined her choices and decisions.

The Mirror has already  discussed some of them.

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and her death in Gibraltar

Please remember  the  European Court of Human Rights found the British government guilty of violating their  right to life on the 27 September 1995. It was the first time the Court had found a violation of Article 2 of the Convention.

Finally in memoriam