DUP – Dark Money – Brexit

DUP – Dark Money – Brexit referendum – Richard Cooke, Scottish conservative candidate supported by David Cameron –  – Scottish group  the Constitutional Research Council  (CRC) – Jim Murphy, former British Labour party leader in Scotland – FBI – Ukraine – International fly-tipping – DUP Treasurer -Gregory Campbell (of “Curry my yoghurt, Can Coca Collyer” infamy)  –  Councillor Lee Reynolds, DUP’s City Hall leader  –  Canadian data firm Aggregate IQ.


What more could you ask for in tonight’s film?






I can hear the nations tonight!

We heard the Irish nation speak out loud and clear last night when Sinn Fein won the West Tyrone seat

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Congratulations, Órfhlaith Begley, West Tyrone’s first female MP

Irish voters  held the SF line along both sides of the border.

Today news has been released that the UK govt might be ready to throw the DUP under a bus!

‘A backup plan to impose border checks on trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK at ports and airports to avoid a hard border with the Republic of Ireland after Brexit has been drafted by senior civil servants.’

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In other words there will be a controlled border between the UK and the EU at all British seaports and airports.

Northern Ireland will be politically part of the UK but in regulatory alignment with the EU27.

Comments:1) The backstop  is being “operationalised”

                       NI – UK-INO.

                       NI – UK in Name Only.

2) It fits in with what the majority of NI citizens voted for – Remain!
And what 50% odd of the population want if they can’t win any putative border poll

M.Barnier showed he had got the measure of the DUP

“He is understood to have told MEPs on his return to Brussels that the DUP – whose 10 MPs give May a parliamentary majority – had “used, or perhaps abused, their position in the House of Commons” to block a way forward”.

Comments:1) the UK Govt is struggling to cope with reality

The EU says it wants to see progress on the Irish border issue by the time leaders meet in June. The U.K. doesn’t recognize June as a “deadline” and says that problem can be solved only through discussions on the wider future relationship.

2) If Northern Ireland unionists want it to remain part of the UK in Name Only , they need to show a lot more flexibility on post-Brexit arrangements than the DUP are showing now.

Meanwhile over in Scotland – the stand-off over powers returning from the EU  to the Scottish Government continues, with the SNP’s position backed by all parties except the Tories

The ALL UNDER ONE BANNER march takes place in Glasgow tomorrow morning

Highland Scots, Lowland Scots, English Scots, Welsh Scots, Irish Scots, Catalan Scots, EU Scots all our World Scots!

Don’t be stiff! March the 5th. Bring everybody you know – even your Granny!

Let history record that we, in this place, in this time reaffirmed our intention to see an independent Scotland!

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, meme e testo

PS Warning for both nations:

EU officials have warned the UK that Brexit talks could be suspended if no acceptable customs solution is found by a meeting of European leaders in June that avoids the creation of a hard border in Northern Ireland, The Times reports.

At a meeting last week, Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney warned that Ireland would be ready to force a suspension of the talks if no progress is made, it has emerged

Linking in with that the Independent’s report of the Public Accounts Committee hearing includes the sentence:
The committee demanded an update from Defra by next month, “in case negotiations break down”.

And confirmation comes from the Irish

“Without movement in the British position the [Irish] Government has been clear that it will block progress on further negotiations on an overall EU-UK trade deal and an agreement on a transition period.

Officials are adamant that the EU strongly backs this position, raising the prospect of a collapse in the Brexit talks at or before the June summit.

Anyway here’s a song for both nations tonight







Unlawful killing in Gibraltar and a serial sectarian murderer – the way we were

Gaining the Full Picture

Before we look at the BBC film “The Funeral Murders”, it’s worth watching

Death on the Rock 

and what happened as the IRA  brought the bodies of their comrades home

and what the family representatives had to go through

Remember: On  27 September 1995 the European Court of Human Rights judged the “Deaths on the Rock” as unlawful killings. It   found the British government guilty of violating  the right to life of the 3 victims.  This was the first time the Court had ever found a violation of Article 2 of the Convention. 

So if you’re one of the Diaspora that can’t see the BBC or

for some reason  you missed  film last night

here you go!

Perceptions and thoughts 30 years after the Deaths on the Rock and what happened in Belfast at the funerals and afterwards

I ducked down behind the cemetery wall – bullets were flying everywhere. I was terrified. And then I had to get back in to the newsroom  and write up the story” –   young female reporter on assignment to cover the Funerals of the Gibraltar 3 (personal communication)

Michael Stone was an absolute hero within the loyalist commmunity

“We jumped round the living room in joy”

“He was worshipped, absolutely worshipped

Michael Stone killed 3 men and injured more than sixty people, including a pregnant mother of four, a 72-year-old grandmother and a ten-year-old boy

RIP Thomas McErlean, 20, married with two children.
RIP John Murray, 26, husband, father of two.
RIP Oglach Kevin Brady, 30.

Three days later at Kevin Brady’s funeral 2 plain clothes British soldiers were found on the scene,  attacked by mourners and then killed

They’ve gone berserk. And no wonder!” elderly woman listening to the radio  news of the soldiers’ killing (personal communication)

You may also like to look at our earlier post on the Gibraltar murders, with some original footage  and more info on Michael Stone, the sectarian serial killer