America First, Right?

But who’s coming second?

European countries are already making their bids for second place! 

Videos out from Switzerland (douze points)


 and The Netherlands 



Armenia is setting its sights high – it wants to be an Alternative First


And Malta is making its voice heard


Always patriotic, France sub-titled her video



But the strongest contender has to be Russia

Where’s Ireland’s bid for second place?

It’s not these speeches by Enda, is it?


Irlande, nul points!

Peru’s Benvenido 2017

In an alternative approach to politics, Peruvian shamans welcome in the New Year by performing rituals to soften the hard hearts of World Leaders.

I suppose anything’s  worth a try.

Maybe we should invite them over here to  beat pics of



Risultati immagini per arlene foster


with sprigs of rosemary, strew them with rose petals, drown them in the sea and then peg them out to dry?

Or might the ritual work with  local lads and lassies performing it?