Forthcoming UK Requiem


Mr UK Britain, former Empire-builder,
bestrode the world

like a Colossus.
He imposed his language and way of thinking on millions world-wide,
He did his utmost to eradicate local cultures
and dominate the EU
To no avail

Now he lies on his death bed

Whilst some of his sad friends do say 
The breath goes now, and some say, No
Comment: He’s past any tyrant’s stroke; 

His worldly task he hast done,

Home he’s going, and taking his wages of Empire.

Several concerned and renowned physicians have confirmed
The Union is dying

The signs are all about us

His ex-wife Erin and her new European friends,

are checkmating him with her “backstop”

and the structures of North-South cooperation

under Strand 2 of the GFA

Though I must go, endure not yet 
A breach, but an expansion,
Comment: So his supporters would have you  believe 
World-wide trade agreements  will follow, all
just as the UK wants

His sister-in-law Alba Scotia

is still threatening to move out of the “Family of Nations”
One of her stewards even accused his next new housekeeper of being a racist

His very own Conservative and Unionist party members and supporters wielded  the latest axe to his power

They repudiated their Scottish partner in the UK  and their half-sister

Miss GFA Northern Ireland

They eliminated the Unionist part of their party
59% of Tories would prefer to ditch Northern Ireland instead of remaining in the EU.
And around 63% said they would accept Scotland leaving the UK if it meant the delivery of Brexit.

Comment: They prefer Brexit to holding on to Scotland and Northern Ireland –

Mr UK Britain’s last colonial possessions

And makes me end where I begun

Remember: Empires fall from the centre, not the periphery.

If  Conservatives are no longer interested in their “precious” UK Union .. .. then . ..

Mr UK Britain

Fears no more the lightning flash,
Nor the all-dreaded thunder stone;
He hast finished joy and moan:

Some Unionists find reality hard to take and will do anything to maintain the old order
They cry, crawl, beg and beseech
still wallow in the comforting delusion that they are all equals in a “Better Together Britain”,

Are N.I. Unionists really ignorant of the fact that they are entirely irrelevant to England?
England uses them when it suits and
will quite easily dump them when they thwart England’s purpose –

Query: Do the DUP really think they will ever be forgiven

for insisting on  the all-UK backstop and voting against PM May’s Withdrawal Agreement ? 

They now no longer serve England’s purpose

Comment: In an Independent Scotland or a Re-United Ireland, their world will end.
It’s dying anyway,

Image result for expression of concern

Expression of Concern
Should we set up a shelter for lost and abandoned Unionists ?

Remember: They are no longer wanted by their owners
Some are not properly socialised and will be difficult to re-home

Queries : Can you take one in?

Could you cope with  lies, tricks, delusions of Empire, financial shenanigans?

Remember: RHI? Cash for Ashes?

Demands  for free family holidays in exotic parts of the world?

Dark money?

Reality Check:
Golden lads and girls all must,
As chimney-sweepers, and Mr UK Britain, come to dust.

They will no longer be able to impose on non-Unionists

their strait-jacket of “Englishness”

and their superior attitude because they are “faux English” .

Remember: Their Unionist construct has very little real meaning outside their own heads.

Comment: Let’s get things into perspective here

The rest of the world will carry on regardless.

Image result for valediction

Quiet consummation have Mr UK Britain;
And unrenown’d be thy grave!


Updates. And the union of the United Kingdom is under greater strain than I’ve ever known in my life.” MR David Lidington. Conservative Deputy Prime Minister

“I cannot imagine a Conservative and Unionist-led government, actively pursuing a no-deal Brexit; willing to risk the Union and our economic prosperity” Phillip  Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer



The snivelling beggar

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