Saturday Night Film Night – 1978 -2019 – Power sharing in NI / Bordering on Brexit

Two films for you tonight

Then and Now

A Compare and Contrast exercise in analysis and  judgement of Westminster’s and Unionism’s attitudes

to Ireland and to  the Irish people that Partition trapped within the Orange State

Yesterday’s themes and arguments re-echo today’s

Remember 3 factors  have never changed over the years: 

  • 1) Westminster does not now act – and never has acted – other than in the interests of Britain.
  • 2) The interests of the Irish people have rarely been the concern of the British government or parliament
  • 3) The adamant refusal of Northern Irish Unionists and DUP leaders and members

a)to countenance any limitations on their power in Northern Ireland

b)to entertain any thoughts of rapproachement with Irish nationalists and republicans,

c) in Northern Ireland or with the Government of the Republic of Ireland

In 1978 several suggestions were thrown on the table for debate and discussion

The Unionist response was always


The term “Agreed Ireland“, so beloved today of Sinn Fein, was already being used by the Irish Government in 1978.

It’s taken 40 years to penetrate the minds of ordinary people but

Northern Irish Unionists scorned it then and scorn it today.

Westminster’s lack of interest in Northern Ireland was evident then and persists today

But since PM May and her Conservative Government need

the backing of the 10 DUP votes to survive

Related image

the DUP  are  still trapping everyone in Ireland  and indeed Westminster

in their nightmare mindset, bigotry and a province,

governed by  their arrogance and power,

backed up by the British State

Image result for trapped in a nightmare

And now let’s come to today 2019, with Brexit no longer looming on our horizon,

but heaving into sight.

Remember: The intervening years between 1978 and 2019 have shown that “Power- sharing”

the UK’s answer to its problem in Northern Ireland

simply does not work

Stormont is defunct, moth-balled and likely to stay that way for quite some time

  • Unionists   refused power sharing in Northern Ireland
  • The DUP  refused to sanction the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement
  • They refused to share power  throughout their long years in Stormont with
  • Martin Mc Guinness and other Sinn Fein MLAs
  • They refuse LGBT rights, Irish language rights, women’s rights to safe abortion
  • They have been, and are, embroiled in corruption and financial scandals
  • They refuse to compromise on their reactionary positions

Image result for trapped in a nightmare

  • Today they are also refusing to acknowledge
  • that the majority of people in Northern Ireland don’t want to leave the EU
  • They ignore the warnings from most NI  businesses and farmers  about the dangers of failing to unite behind a way forward that avoids a hard border
  • Unsurprisingly, they seem uninterested in  protecting peace and economic progress in Northern Ireland.

Remember: If the DUP, with its new best friends in the ERG,  scupper PM May’s  Withdrawal Agreement next Tuesday’s “meaningful” vote (March 12, 2019), any future Westminster Parliament and Government would  probably  welcome a Border Poll on Irish Re-Unification, so that “Ar Wee pravince”would never again hinder UK policy.

Here’s  a quick historical overview to Brexit as it developed along the British border in Ireland

For all of you that missed this RTE documentary earlier this week


Nothing much has changed over 40 years in the arguments for and against British Withdrawal from Northern Ireland.

What clearly emerges is the UK’s and Unionism’s  total lack of concern about Ireland and the people of Ireland.

It’s the old, old,

We don’t care and you don’t matter


Image result for we don't care, you don't matter

And take steps to look after yourself,

your interests

and well-being

Our first step must be reaching consensus on proposals

about  how to achieve  the Re-Unification of Ireland

And finally and definitively breaking the connection with England

One thought on “Saturday Night Film Night – 1978 -2019 – Power sharing in NI / Bordering on Brexit

  1. A small correction:

    “1) Westminster does not now act – and never has acted – other than in the interests of Britain.” should read:

    “Westminster does not now act – and never has acted – other than in the interests of England”.

    The interests of Scotland (I can’t speak for Wales) are never fact considered, and if they were, they would ultimately be ignored unless they fitted in with English interests. Please note that Scotland, along with NI is still a remnant part of the English Empire.


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