Saturday Night Film – A Re-United Ireland

Here’s our latest  Saturday Night Film

A short series of videos looking at  the current state of the Re-Unification Debate/Discussion

Talk about a Re-United Ireland gathers apace .

Northern Irish civic nationalism made its voice heard a couple of weeks ago at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast

Here’s the UK/Unionist point of view

Remember: We are all still waiting to hear what  “being better off in the UK” really means

What actually are the benefits of remaining in the UK Union ?

Reducing what used to be the most industrialised part of Ireland to poverty and deprivation,

while alienating practically 50% of its population and fighting  for 30 years of the Troubles

don’t seem to be among them!

“Now is not the time” say the Irish Government spokesperson and

former SDLP leader Seamus Mallon,

who is afraid of the potential of a violent “Unionist backlash”

But if not now, when Brexit threatens our way of life, jobs and prosperity, then when?

Must Ireland always be collateral damage to England’s decisions?

Must we always succumb to the threat of the “violent Loyalist backlash”?

Should that be a reason for never making any progress towards a United State?

Because, let’s admit it, nothing any Irish person, politician, association or club ever says or does,

will  convince hard-line Unionists of the benefits of a united country.

So maybe we  need to just ignore the threats and press on regardless

We also need to include the voice of  Republicans who are dissatisfied with the Belfast/GFA and its outworkings.

PS Don’t worry about the film being in Dutch . There are English sub-titles


Query: What can bloggers do?

Suggestion:  Irish nationalist and republican bloggers should unite in  promoting discussions about re-unification, so the topic is, on one blog or the other, this week or the next, never off our pages.

We reach out to diverse audiences, commenters and lurkers, worldwide.

Let us make them aware of how our country stands on the Irish National Question and what we want

11 thoughts on “Saturday Night Film – A Re-United Ireland

    • No, according to the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, the UK Secretary of State can call a Border poll (referendum on irish re-Unification) when, in his/her judgement, it might be won by the Irish.A court case to try and get a definition of the SOS criteria was defeated.
      It’s all rather like the Scots having to ask Westminster’s permission for any IndyRef.
      The difference being the Irish can’t ask and can’t be refused while the Scots can ask and can be refused.
      In both cases, using different mechanisms, the UK simply doesn’t allow the Irish Border Poll or an IndyRef to be held


  1. I was expecting, due to the international agreement element, that the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland would make the call but that his or her’s trigger would come from Stormont then an input (timescale etc) from Dublin and Westminster.

    Leaving it to the Sec. State’s judgement just smacks of the usual Westminster fudge.

    Scotland now has a mandate, some say a triple mandate, to hold a referendum. The majority number of indy supporting MSPs in Holyrood, the majority of indy supporting MPs at Westminster and a manifesto mandate. However Westminster have again been cunning, they only replied “now is not the time”. A refusal would have given the Scottish Government legitimacy to go to the UN and the International Court of Justice. Westminster might still refuse to take notice, as with the Chaggos Island claim currently, but would just add to the accumulation of smells from the albatross that hangs round their neck. I’ve got Westminster negotiated trade deals in mind which are not going to well, even just now.

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  2. Think Fox is going nowhere with his “Trade Deals”. The only one the UK is interested in is the one with the USA – so they can sell off the NHS and then the farmers as they flood the UK with chlorinated chicken, GM foods and so on

    I did realise Scotland had a triple mandate but how is the Government going to use it if all they get at each request is “Now is not the time. Not yet. Wait until . . .”

    PS Loved this assessment of the UK by the Danish prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen,
    He defended his own pledge to never put his country’s membership of the EU to a referendum by highlighting the damage to the British economy in which “one car factory after another stops or cancels planned production”.

    Rasmussen said the British public had been taken in by “some rhetorically skilled politicians who turned out to be untrustworthy conmen who subsequently left the sinking ship”.

    He described Westminster as a circus and “a paralysed political system that is about to melt down”.

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    • I live in the north west of Scotland, I would class myself as politically aware but I don’t have the answer to a continued “now is not the time” response.
      I have to have faith in the politicians in charge at Holyrood and our indy bunch at Westminster to have a strategy. I was impressed with their move to have the claim of rights debated and reaffirmed, by vote, in the house of commons. Almost simultaneous with this was a debate and clear winning vote for the continuity bill, in Holyrood. Westminster appealed the bill, on the last day before it would have had royal assent. The Supreme Court upheld the passing of the bill but in the intervening time Westminster had the Lords pass an amendment which would act retrospectively, stopping the returning EU powers coming to Holyrood. On principle the SNP have no house of lords representation.
      There was held breath as the Supreme Court came to the end of deliberations only to hear the house of Lords’ amendment. The long held breath was collectively expelled, with a loud “bastards” overlaid.

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  3. yeah Alan Scotland is being badly treated, ignored and being given the run around.
    As is the nationalist/republican population in NI since only the DUP has the ERG and PM May’s ear in Westminster
    That’s par for the course with the UK Govt, nothing new in it.
    We know Westminster divides, conquers and rides rightshod over everybody else.
    Our way or the highway! history teaches!

    I don’t know how much longer that pattern of Westminster behaviour can or will be accepted.
    Ireland and Scotland know that life within the EU is very different to life under Westminster.
    Hence the increased interest in and talk about irish re-unification.
    And by the way, the Gaelic Athletic Association, the only (I think) 32-county sports association in Ireland, has today come out in favour of re-unification,

    Any signs of something similar in Scotland?Clubs, associations, trades Unions, etc voicing support for Independence?

    Like yourself I presume the SNP and FM Sturgeon know what they are doing with regards to Scottish Independence and will tell us their plans for Indyref/Independence in the next few weeks

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  4. As to clubs or unions supporting independence, I can think of no club that is UK wide and only one union supported independence, the Prison Officers Association.
    I’m encouraged that we have probably 50% + of the vote despite
    a hostile media. I’m also astounded that the place isn’t littered with burst spleens considering the vitriol from Labour and the other parties towards independence.


  5. At the last ref 2014 some businesses were ambivalent, some openly resisted the government’s scare stories, Morrisons were one. Others went along with the scare of higher prices, shortages etc, such as Sainsbury and Tesco. Tunnocks openly campaigned with the tories! I’ve since heard they have had to introduce stronger and different packaging for their marsh mallows.
    Fishing; landed gentry at the core. Also applies to salmon fishing but more so.
    Scottish Whisky Association; has an office in Edinburgh but main office in London. The board has CEO and 4 executives. Of these the CEO and 3 execs moved from government posts, foreign office, foreign and commonwealth office, ex ambassador and one government official to the EU. They also stand against independence.
    Hence I’m amazed, astounded we have 50%+ of the voters. I’m sure this will go up in the coming weeks. We, in this area, are already starting to campaign. I reckon we will need 60%+ to cover any electoral shenanigans, as last time. We will get there.

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