In memoriam – Pat Finucane

The memorial bench  in Trinity College Dublin is empty

It’s awaiting Ireland’s next legal champion

Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane was murdered in his own home
There was a deliberate decision to kill him, so as to

silence other lawyers and

prevent them from doing the type of work

he and his friends engaged in.

He looked at Human Rights Law, which was, in a way, bigger than the state itself,

and he understood that if you didn’t have a remedy in UK law,  you could go to the European Court of Human Rights.

Pat Finucane  was one of the first of a generation of lawyers to take cases to Strasbourg.

Peter Madden gave him the credit for

“revolutionising” the detention system by taking habeas corpus actions in the courts

and forcing the police to produce prisoners in court who had been beaten up.

Mr Finucane  wasn’t the only lawyer  targeted that weekend.

Indeed the ferocity of his murder (shot 12 times in the face, at the family dinner table)

may have been due to uncontrollable rage and frustration

because   attempts to kill two others along with him had been thwarted.

Image result for telling a secret

Back in the day, Ben Madigan was told a story
Make of it what you will – it’s old news now.
It was even reported in the press nearly 20 years ago

Image result for ben madigan, belfast

All three lawyers were North Belfast men.

All lived fairly close to each other in the shadow of Ben Madigan.
They were 3 links in a chain,

Image result for links in a chain

One having studied under the other, who then helped the third.

All three worked together

They were supposed to have a meeting, on the Friday or Saturday night before the Finucane assassination.
But one called it off.

You must know this.
He was sick, had the flu.

It was that time of year. There was a lot of it about.

High temperature, headache.

We all know what it’s like.

He couldn’t get out of bed and

Image result for wife keeps sick husband in bed

the wife was busy making sure  he didn’t.”

“The other two agreed to put their meeting off until he was better and up to it.
So none of them attended”.

None of them was where they were supposed to be that evening


The youngest  was assassinated the day after.



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