Belfast Zoo and its OTRs (2)

The Mirror has talked about  Belfast Zoo and its  “on the runs” (OTRs) before

With modernization, the EU  and the Belfast/ GFA

the Zoo has abandoned its former Victorian-style restrictions on

freedom of movement and socialization

and has embraced an “open border” policy.

Despite this, the latest round of escapes is hardly surprising.

As Hurricane Brexit proceeds with UK politicians spinning in the whirlwind,

Image result for whirling dervishes

talk of Irish Unity rises.

Old memes circulate

Storm Erik provided the opportunity for a mass break-out from Belfast Zoo

Escapism had never really gone away, you know
It might have gone underground with the meerkats,

desperately tunnelling their way out, in a time-honoured escape mode
But some of the other animals decided to take an up-front approach

A couple of weeks ago

Image result for amber the red panda

Amber, the red panda made a solo run.

Red pandas, like all red subversives, are an endangered species.
They need to be kept in custody for their own safety and to protect the public from them.
When she made her break for freedom, Amber was hoping to hole up in a safe house or garden but
the owners, as upstanding citizens, immediately called the authorities.

As she was led back in, the other inmates watched, murmured and waited
They seized their opportunity in Storm Erik’s aftermath, exploiting the Special Branch

Image result for chimps escape from Belfast Zoo

Eye witnesses said there was no doubt the escape was “orchestrated”.

Image result for chimps escape from Belfast Zoo


Image result for chimps escape from Belfast Zoo

Comment: For the series “never let a good storm go to waste!”

The reaction of an eye witness was astounding
The animal was “not aggressive” and “just watched” and therefore the experience had been “amazing“.
Many of the public will undoubtedly experience Irish Unity as “amazing

The Authorities took a different view

Image result for Nuala McAllister
Nuala McAllister, Alliance Councillor for North Belfast,

where the Zoo is situated,

called for an “urgent review” into “safety at Belfast Zoo”


Alliance Party Councillor Julian McGrath

“I’d like to see robust measures put in place to ensure this can never happen again.”

UUP Councillor, Alderman Chris McGimpsey

“the zoo should now close for two weeks to enable a thorough appraisal to be undertaken”

Comment: Belfast Zoo by any other name has already been closed for two years

Image result for robin swann

Robin Swann, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party stated that

in his vision of the future Northern Ireland,

Theresa May must introduce direct rule Government

if No Deal escapes are agreed

Image result for NI prison officer
Belfast Zookeeper Alain Cairns

said the zoo’s chimps were “quite cowardly

so went back into their enclosure themselves during the incident.

Query: Does he really believe they self-police?
Maybe he does.

He then said

They’re intelligent primates and

know they’re not supposed to be out of their enclosure,

so got back in themselves,”

Staff are currently assessing how the chimp planned his escape from the enclosure” 

Comment: As intelligent animals,

maybe they realized the game was up, punishment was on the way, 

and decided to limit their coming hardship

Image result for NI prison officer
Mr Cairns locked them in their cells (oops! inner enclosure)

and threatened to take away their trees so there would be no more  special branches

A spokesperson Chimpanzee said, “We will never cease in our endeavour to seek asylum in Dublin Zoo.

As  no deal Brexit looms on our horizon, my fellow chimpanzees and I decided  this was our moment  to strike for freedom”.

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