Brexit today

The roots of Brexit lie in the UK’s own ridiculously puffed up sense of self-importance and entitlement.

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The UK’s negotiation has revealed the massive incompetence of its government, ruling class and establishment.

They all feed off distorted national myths like

“We’ll fight them on the beaches”,

“This is our Empire Mark II”,

“the Irish should do what we need –exit the EU and join us,

no need for a hard border then”.

“If they don’t we’ll just starve them”

Today PM May announced she was off to the EU to “Battle for Britain”

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Comment: Former allies from Ireland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, France  are now opposing the UK.

Jamaica and Barbadoes will offer no support, given the Windrush deportations.

Canada and the USA are supporting the Irish/EU position on the GFA which the USA took such trouble to broker and help implement.

PM May’s line of attack  in her “Battle for Britain” seems to be something like

Now what would you do with the Irish border in a No Deal scenario – let’s have that, shall we?

Comments: That would solve the UK’s problem, the one England created all by itself.
It is impossible to negotiate politically with such individuals.
They literally cannot communicate with others. They can only only dictate.

When defeated by logical arguments (“punished” as they call it), they have to be forced to obey.

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Example 1: The EU has repeatedly said the Withdrawal Agreement will not be opened and re-negotiated.

The present impasse is due to the UK’s denial, bluster, falsity and misinformation,
Its attempts to “divide and conquer” the EU nations so as to “have its cake and eat it” ,
Its inability to deceive EU nations because its mask of courtesy, urbanity, and pragmaticism soon disappeared as soon as the UK saw it wasn’t going to get what it wanted

PM May agreed a deal and her cabinet signed it off.

It included a backstop that she’d asked for in December 2017.

At the time the British press praised her for supposedly solving the Irish border problem.

Comments: Now she wants the EU to cave in to her demand to take it out.

In her view Brexit can be delivered by the UK alone, with what only Westminster agrees written into the Withdrawal Agreement.
She is now embarked on a fantasy quest.

The UK parliament  indicated that a change in, or removal of, the backstop will help get a deal passed.

PM May has also  quite clearly said   an acceptable change won’t definitely pass. MPs will be free to vote against it.

Attempts to convince the EU to amend the backstop PM May herself asked for, and negotiated, are a fool’s errand.

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Queries: What would happen if the EU were to

a) similarly agree to something, and then renege on it at the last minute?

b) abandon Ireland,  a current Member State, to facilitate a former Member State?

c) put Irish citizens and others in NI, who voted to remain in the EU,  into the hands of the UK and the DUP?

d) endanger EU solidarity, its Single Market  and 4 Freedoms, to facilitate a former Member State?

Remember: In case of a No Deal, the UK Govt is under significant pressure to prevent a national emergency in employment, food, medications,haulage and shipping, even summer holidays etc.

One third of firms are moving to an EU country, the EMA has already left London, banks are leaving  and Nissan is pulling X-Trail from Sunderland

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After effectively cutting all sources off and disrupting logistics to the max in a No Deal Brexit, the UK Govt will have to provide food and medicines for about 66 million people, all living  on an island, as well as guaranteeing delivery and supply chains for them.

That is pressure…And the deadline is not in 55 days time on 28th March.

No indeed

Since it takes six weeks for a ship to sail from the Far East to the UK, traders there  need to know by next week what they will face when they arrive (impoundment, high tariffs, normality?) as they have to decide whether they should even risk loading up.

Before they sail they need to know what sort of deal there is – if there is one!
More pressure for PM May’s Government and their DUP “friends”.

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Example 2: DUP leader Arlene Foster said yesterday that the EU must “face up to reality” if a “sensible” Brexit deal is to be agreed.

Comments: Arlene is arrogance and ignorance wrapped up in one rather unattractive package.

Right you are! 27 EU countries are going to jump to do your bidding!

Even though you don’t tell them what exactly a “sensible” deal is!

Queries: Guess who needs to face up to reality?

What is reality for the UK?
It is in sole-charge of the EU and can push everyone else around.
Just like the DUP do in Northern Ireland.

Query: Doesn’t PM May’s squalid arrangement with the DUP

look like a match made in Hell for everyone else?

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PS – A forecast

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for what it’s worth,

as nobody seems to know what will happen

Either Theresa May’s government falls


Britain crashes out of the EU with No Deal

5 thoughts on “Brexit today

  1. How in the name of any wee man or wumin did we get here? Where is here? Are we to witness more convulsions at torydom or is it death throws?
    My inconsequential view on it:
    At the core it has only ever been about the tory party, their need to hold power and therefore to resist splitting. Throw Teresa May into the mix and you have the perfect shit storm. The PM, Mrs May is weak, incompetent and hungry to set her legacy. She needs to be controlling, keeping her council very close due to her weakness. This deficit, of wider pooled advice, has allowed the incompetence to flourish unfettered.

    When I mention her as being weak I use the word to describe her position and character. Her position, I contend, was given to her (uncontested election) at a price, 1) stop the tory party from splitting and, 2) deliver a brexit. Her avarice for power and legacy makes her weak, forcing herself to adopt the “red lines” of others, rather than maintaining a flexible negotiating position to benefit the country.

    I have a sneaky feeling, a still on the shelf conspiracy theory, that the group that has threatened to split the tory party would want brexit for two main reasons, a) brexit would get rid of many laws that protect workers, food standards, food production etc. b) brexit would be the excuse to extend austerity, allowing/demanding big changes to UK administration. Where does such a crackpot idea come from? Check out the authors of this little publication (Direct democracy, a new model party), with the big names in the tory party who appear to hold power.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for commenting, Gordon. I agree with what you say. There are so many strands feeding into this UK disaster that it is hard to work out which impacted most.
      In any case, as they say, we are where are and it is up to us (Scotland and Ireland) to figure a way out to our advantage or at least to limit damage.

      Ireland is at present wheeling on the big guns of the Irish-Americans in Congress
      I see that FM Sturgeon is also off on a trip to the USA, to try and whip up Scottish-American support for recognising Scotland as a country, not an appendage of England. (although not President Trump’s, fine Scottish-American though he is!),

      I am less worried about Ireland than I am about Scotland.
      I know the Irish people wil not accept the re-introduction of a British imposed border, so sometime soon we could be facing the final battle of our War of Independence and this time we will win.

      Unless Indyref2 is soon called, I fear Scotland will never have the chance to fight for its “War” of Independence and that would be truly sad for the country and the people.

      PS Thanks for the 100 page document you sent. I will try and read it as soon as I can find peace and quiet for a couple of uninterupted afternoons

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      • The document is poorly written and not that riveting, outwith the names of the authors and the positions they are playing currently. It is the Thatcher plan souped up and with steroids added.
        I have concerns over the Scottish indy movement. Many are agitated and restless, waiting on the starter’s pistol to kick off indyref 2. Dissent and division, especially within social media is more easily initiated and spread. There are false groups and accounts springing up all the time. Sturgeon and others have been off to visit various countries, this last few months and Angus Robertson has just started an polling/research initiative, Progress Scotland. It is getting close.

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