Black 47

What a treat for tonight’s Saturday Film Night.

I know distribution of Black 47 has been limited so this is especially for all of you who never managed to see it in a local cinema.

Black 47 is first film to deal with the topic of the Great Hunger, An Gorta Mòr,  in mid-19th century Ireland

“Genocide” as some have called
It led to the Irish diaspora throughout the world, a triumphant people in so many countries.

The Great hunger is a  hard topic to address, but it’s time had finally come

The story is recounted in a mixture of Gaelic (with English sub-titles, don’t worry) and English, reflecting Irish society of the time

Watch and reflect
Didn’t the same type of thing  (famine and clearances) happen in Scotland, India and other British Colonies?




2 thoughts on “Black 47

  1. Hardly a ‘treat’, Ben?

    I’m 20min in and have given up for now. The whole thing is just plain depressing and scarcely shows Ireland up in a good light. Just a miserable, poor, desolate land, where even the muted colours seem designed to play down any natural or human beauty the place might have had.

    Yes, nature and human cruelty conspired so that terrible things happened. But such things weren’t confined to Ireland. And it was all around seven generations back. I believe Ireland today is a relatively pleasant and prosperous place. So why the victim complex? Why go to the trouble of making a hour-and-a-half drama just to mope in their past (long past!) miseries?

    I just don’t see the point of it. Do they still hold a grudge against the British? How does that help anyone at all these days? Chan eil ‘ga thuigsinn.


  2. This is the first ever film about the famine. It’s hard to watch yet it is important and it’s a “treat” because, since it was poorly distributed, many people who may have wanted to watch it couldn’t, but now they can.

    Of course Britain was responsible for famine and evictions on other colonies, not just ireland, but this film is about a pivotal moment in Ireland’s history.
    The Famine halved the population in ireland,and spurred emigration to the USA, Canada, Australia and NZ, all countries that are proud of the contributions the irish have made to their development and progress.
    The Famine also seeded irish national movements like the land league and the fenians, which together led to constitutional nationalism and then the easter Rising and the birth of modern ireland.

    Evictions still continue in ireland and there is a huge problem of homelessness as people who can’t pay high rents often find themselves on the street .

    And the Financial crash in 2008 was associated with an enormous wave of emgration once again. Villages and townlands especially along the western seaboard and in very rural areas seem half deserted.
    So the age-long issues of evictions amd emigration still persist even today in ireland.


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