St Patrick’s Day – 2018

Time of a little concert!

Especially for St Patrick’s Day

We Irish endured centuries of British colonial rule, including land confiscation, the suppression and near eradication of our native language and culture,

second-class status in our own land due to English-imposed penal laws,

an Act of Union we never wanted,

the Great Famine which brought starvation, disease and the largest wave of Irish immigrants to the United States.

After we gained our Independence from England we were still subjected to forced migration, clerical abuse in schools and hospitals, rape of our children and a Partition we never wanted.

In Northern Ireland we  survived 50+ years of Loyalist/Unionst/Orange State oppression and discrimination

Then, when we dared to oppose it,

we had to get through 30+ years of British oppression,collusion with armed loyalist paramilitaries,  internment, H-blocks and Diplock Courts,

After 20 years of the GFA and the peace process we still don’t have an Irish Language Act or LGBT equality.

We still don’t have the right to coroner’s inquests for people who were killed over 40 years ago.

Now, our border counties and our way of life are are threatened by an English decided Brexit

Our women, whether living in the ROI or NI, have never had control over their own bodies
Yet we are still here
Men and women, we are still resisting
Slowly, slowly, step by step, we are emerging from the shadows

of England, Catholicism, sectarianism and Orange bigotry

We are creating our Irish Republic and

We are taking our place among the Nations of the World

Raise a glass to us on St Patrick’s Day! Celebrate our resilence! And our refusal to lie down!
Enjoy our day!

Risultati immagini per bowl of shamrock

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