NI is still a cold house for the Irish

Wasn’t it  humiliating for 2 Prime Ministers to turn up in Northern Ireland and discover there was nothing to report?

PM May went to Belfast, was  told to get lost by the DUP and did as she was told. 

Arlene Foster’s attitude was appalling

She dismissed PM May’s visit as “a distraction

When asked why the PM May had travelled to Northern Ireland, she laughed before replying:

A very good question and perhaps one you should ask of her”.

Why did the DUP refuse to speak to the Irish Taoiseach?

Arlene Foster  did not feel it necessary to meet Mr Vardakar because the negotiations were touching on matters solely related to internal matters within the North.

Why did the talks collapse again in a re-play of the Haas debacle?
It’s obvious some  consensus had been agreed.

Otherwise the two PM’s wouldn’t have been in Belfast.

Risultati immagini per michelle o neill sinn fein

Michelle O’ Neill

Sinn Féin engaged, we worked in good faith, we stretched ourselves.

We had reached an accommodation with the leadership of the DUP.

The DUP failed to close the deal. They have now collapsed this process.

These issues are not going away.”

Risultati immagini per mary lou mcdonald

Mary Lou Mcdonald

We advised the DUP leadership that the deal should be closed before those opposed to it could unpick what we had achieved,”

Question: Who unpicked the deal?

Answer: The DUP and the Loyal Orders  put a large boot through it.

And my lust for power. In fact,

Risultati immagini per Queens LOL 1845
a lodge for students, staff and alumni of Queen’s University Belfast,

warned the DUP that unionists in Northern Ireland have “no appetite” for legislation which would grant protection for Irish.

Queens LOL 1845 said there was “no price” at which an Irish language act could be allowed into law.

“Concessions for Ulster-Scots do not hide the fact that an Irish language act will have far ranging ramifications across civil society. None of which will have a positive impact on the nation.”

Queens LOL 1845 called on  Unionists to make it “resoundingly clear that no amount of funding for Ulster-Scots, bands or other cultural activities can be accepted in lieu of this act”.

Sir Reg Empey said the proposed Irish Language Act (ILA) should “serve as a warning” to Unionists.
Granting legal protection to Irish would “create huge divisions” in Northern Ireland

Query: Don’t the “huge divisions” exist already?

An ILA could jeopardise the Province’s place within the UK.

“I am concerned that this would be the thin end of the wedge.
“Introducing bilingualism in our public services would transform Northern Ireland and further chip away at our position within the UK.”

Orange Order spokesman

Risultati immagini per edward stevenson (orange order)

Edward Stevenson

The current demand for an Irish language act is simply the next chapter in the republican campaign to rid Northern Ireland of any remaining semblance of British cultural identity.”

Remember: 1)The 1998 Good Friday/Belfast Agreement expressly requires that “the British Government will in particular in relation to the Irish language” take resolute action to promote the language, facilitate and encourage the use of the language and remove restrictions that would discourage development of the language.

2)The 1992  European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML),  obliges its States Parties to actively promote the use of regional or minority languages in virtually all domains of public life: education, courts, administration, media, culture, economic and social life, and transfrontier co-operation.

Comment: The DUP carry on marginalising the Irish in Northern Ireland and breaching the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement.

Risultati immagini per take home messages

For the Irish in Northern Ireland 

1) The Orange Order decides on behalf of Unionism/Loyalism when it comes to political ‘negotiations’ in the North.

2) NI holds nothing for Irish people. This contemptuous rejection of the Irish language act is a rejection of Irish culture and identity.

3) Parity of esteem  seems to be totally absent.Non-existent. That’s the issue. That’s always been the issue

4) According to Unionism/Orangeism/Loyalism including any Irish  in NI would reduce its “Britishness”.

5) Britishness in NI is by no means all encompassing. It certainly does not encompass the Irish half of the population

6) Equality in Northern Ireland is not on the table and never will be. If it hadn’t been ILA it would have been something else (Maze centre, Bill of Rights, whatever)

Risultati immagini per take home messages

 for Unionists in Northern ireland

  1. Humiliating two Heads of State is a truly great way to make friends and influence people
  2. You are in breach of the GFA/Belfast Agreement as you are unable/unwilling to  contribute to a shared society.
  3. To deny the Irish language legislative protection in NI on the same basis of Gaidhlig and Welsh is to accept that NI is not the same as the rest of the UK
  4. Your loyalty to the Union flag and the Union with Great Britain is fraudulent
  5. Expect payback from the Conservative Party, sooner or later. The DUP accepted a large sum of money to provide support to PM May’s government. PM May expected to announce an agreement to resume the Stormont Assembly and was shafted by the DUP and the Orange Order. For the second time, bearing in mind the last minute phone call debacle during the EU negotiations before Xmas, the DUP has humiliated her and the Office she holds as PM of the UK.
  6. Expect payback from the Irish Government, sooner or later. An Taoiseach, Dr Leo Varadkar expected to announce an agreement to resume the Stormont Assembly and was shafted by the DUP and the Orange Order. For the second time, bearing in mind the last minute phone call debacle during the EU negotiations before Xmas, the DUP has humiliated him and the Office he holds as An Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland.
  7. If the DUP/Loyalists/Orange Order  want NI to continue they had better make some effort to make it work. Otherwise people will push even harder for United Ireland, just to have their rights acknowledged.
  8. The days of  the Unionists/Orange State ruling the roost and having everything their own way are over. It’s equality for Britishness and Irishness under the GFA
  9. Without Republican/Nationalist support Unionists/Loyalists/The Loyal Orders have no political power in NI. Your beloved Stormont is practically speaking redundant and in any case remains shuttered until an agreement is reached
  10. Expect payback, sooner or later from all British Westminster MPs. Direct Rule from Westminster, your preferred solution, is not on the table. An Taoiseach has said so. It requires legislation from Westminster which is already bogged down in Brexit. They are not going to thank you for adding to their problems.

Risultati immagini per take home messages


for PM May, Westminster and the English people
1) A tiny Northern Irish 2% of the overall UK population is dictating to Westminster.

2) It appears to be controlled by sectarian Loyal Orders

3) Is this what you want?

4) if so, when you sup with the devil



6 thoughts on “NI is still a cold house for the Irish

  1. Could this be Foster’s last stand?
    Is she under threat of a change of leadership, for one that might do something to make brexit softer and thereby hold off reunification for a bit longer?


  2. Arlene Foster only has the power to negotiate and reach agreements that satisfy her string-pullers – the loyal orders as i have shown.Other figures like paramilitary organizations probably lurk in the background shadows. Treeza is of course held hostage by the arch-brexiteers in her party . Hard to say which will do more damage to ordinary people in each jurisdiction


  3. Do you really think the out of context pictures included in this piece help add or detract from the points (valid or otherwise) you are making?


  4. good evening Sean. Welcome to the site – Remember every pic tells a story. Some people like pics – other don’t. Can you separate out your 4 cross-ways question into comments and queries we can reply to? many thanks


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