IRA men – the way we were

Gerry Adams steps down as Sinn fein leader

Revisionist history-making proceeds apace, with

Risultati immagini per quarrel

Debates over the origins and achievements of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association

Risultati immagini per ira terrorists

The  Provisional IRA are condemned as terrorists

A fitting moment to listen to the voices of Provisional IRA volunteers

Voices that are now, mostly,  silenced in death

Their view of  how they  fitted into the over-arching Unionist/Loyalist situation in Northern Ireland,

What they did

Why they did it

What they learnt





3 thoughts on “IRA men – the way we were

      • That’s what I seem to remember from the time. IIRC the IRA had had a border campaign back in the ’50s (??) but had more or less been stood down for years, arms hidden away in out of the way dumps etc. So when the RUC went beserk and attacked crowds in ’69 they were largely unprepared to defend them.


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