Sinn Fein Bad Boys!

Another SF own goal ?

  1. As if “Use Your Loaf” Barry  were not enough

2) We now have Gerry “Royal Pardon” Kelly acting up as the

Risultati immagini per kelly removes clamps from his car

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, sMS

3) And Alex “putrid statelet” Maskey responding to tweets!

Risultati immagini per alex maskey

“We can’t forget that it took the Civil Rights Association here to ensure that all people got full access to voting rights,” said the Foyle MLA.

Responding, Alex Maskey said: “Unfortunately it took more than the CRA to secure rights in the putrid little statelet NI.”

Cue   a barrage of Unionist criticism to

Risultati immagini per barrage of criticism

For example, DUP MP for South Belfast

Risultati immagini per emma little pengelly

Emma Little Pengelly

Alex Maskey’s description of Northern Ireland as a “putrid little statelet” exemplifies a continued attitude of disrespect within Sinn Fein. This is all the more offensive, as the reference is within a tweet appearing to justify terrorism,”

Bad boys! Gerry and Barry and Alex!

4) Another SF Bad Boy – Chris Hazzard MP.

He put up a sign honouring two IRA men  at his office in Castlewellan 

How dare he!

5) More Sinn Fein Bad Boys are joining in the mayhem.

They’re organising “H Block Escape Nights” at £10 a ticket

The poster for the event


Bobby Storey, Brendan McFarlane, who headed the escape, and current North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly promised to give attendees the true story of the 1983 mass prison breakout. With 38 prisoners escaping, it  was the largest  breakout in UK history.

Cue more Unionist outrage: 

Immoral attempt to profit from violence.”

“the height of immorality”.

“the event glorified violence”

“a grotesque demonstration of republican hypocrisy”.

“an insult to victims and an indictment as to how they really feel about the rest of society”.

“Sinn Fein appears to have learned nothing from Barry McElduff’s antics

Here’s our song for this weekend!


Once a player, always a player . . . .

Being just enough of a challenger  keeps things interesting


Query: What are they challenging?

Unionist “faux bon ton“, seeing how far the Unionists over-work their outrage.

They’re tantalizing.

Setting up a push-pull dynamic.

Self-righteous Unionists/Loyalists/DUP and TUV- types  fall for it every single time.


Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) leader Jim Allister called on the police to investigate.

He said Mr Kelly’s “audacious taking of the law into his own hands must not go unchallenged“.

Kelly should resign after this self-serving, law-defying episode,

Comment: just like Barry McElduff MP did

The many victims of IRA terrorism will be in no doubt as to what Maskey was referring to.”

Our very own North Belfast MP, DUP party stalwart, Nigel Dodds  said

This is another significant test for the Sinn Fein leadership.

Nobody’s holding their breath.”

And the UUP joins in the lynch mob

Gerry Kelly sets an appalling example and should be gone”

Risultati immagini per voices from the crowd


Maskey is trying to “justify terrorism”.

utter contempt to many who, like me, are deeply proud of the province.”

this incident reflects the character of this man, namely, his arrogance in assuming he is above the law and where this belief may have come from and what it says about his character as an elected representative”.

“Justifying terrorism”

“Rubbing our noses in it”

“It’s a criminal offence”

“His criminal record is going to follow him around”.

“Off with his head!”

“This is unacceptable behaviour from a public representative!”

“A member of the PSNI Policing Board! Daring to commit an offense against the law!”

“A crime is a crime is a crime!”

Risultati immagini per bad boys

Remember: If Gerry Kelly, a SF MLA commits a parking offence, 

                        Barry Mc Elduff MP “loafs” around  and

                       Alex Maskey MLA tweets about a “putrid little statelet”

                       Chris Hazzard puts up a sign and

Bobby Storey, Gerry Kelly  and Bik McFarlane talk about how they escaped from the Maze/Long Kesh

these behaviour patterns clearly, evidently, obviously and undeniably  signify   

SF have no right to advocate special status for NI in the Brexit deal,  same sex marriage, equality or implementation of previous Agreements they signed up to or even take part in the NI Assembly.

All these things are clearly and undeniably so, so totally related.

Query: Why do   Sinn Fein MLAs and MPs behave like this?

Because they are bored.

Bored stiff with Unionism’s false facade of  holier-than-thou nit-picking.

We discused that annoying habit  here

Fed up with Unionism’s false outrage

Sick to the back teeth  of Unionism’s everlasting

For them, and for many of us, another torrent of manufactured Unionist “faux” outrage is  all just

Risultati immagini per water off a duck's back


Update 31/10/2018: 

Northern Ireland’s Public Prosecution Service (PPS) said there was insufficient evidence to provide a reasonable prospect of convicting Barry McElduff, 52, over his controversial social media post.

The PPS announced it will also not be taking action against Sinn Fein Assembly member and former Stormont finance minister Mairtin O Muilleoir, 58, who shared Mr McElduff’s video on Twitter.


Pics and Refs over-kingsmill-loaf-video–826689.html


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