Ben Madigan’s Alter Ego

I can be slow in the uptake at times –
I admit that
Until today I never realised I had an alter-ego on YouTube!
How’s that for not paying attention to the world around me?

I have no monopoly or patent on the name Ben Madigan

It is derived from the Beann Mhadagáin, meaning “Madagán’s peak”—so named after an Ulster king   called Madagán who died in 856AD

Today Ben Madigan refers to

  1. a very secluded,  up-market enclave in North Belfast/Newtownabbey

Risultati immagini per ben madigan belfast

2) A smart prep school, just down the road from the  enclave

Risultati immagini per ben madigan belfast

3) Cavehill, the “iconic” (love that word, suits everything) escarpment above North Belfast.

Home to generations of Belfast republicans, ramblers, roamers, dreamers, teenage lovers and ravers, hikers, joggers . . . .

Risultati immagini per ben madigan belfast
4)  the ideas and ideals of the United Irishmen.

Wolfe Tone  and Henry Joy McCracken   met on Ben Madigan in 1795 to take an oath to launch the 1798 rebellion .


Henry Joy McCracken was captured there in 1798

Let’s not forget  Jemmy Hope

Risultati immagini per jemmy hope, united irishman

who wrote

The cause of Ireland was then confined to a few individuals.

The masses had no idea of the possibility of managing their own affairs”.

Or Robert Emmet, the last United Irishman of them all

So let’s extend a warm welcome to Ben Madigan, my alter-ego in song and film.
Enjoy his/her wonderful music

May a thousand, a million Ben Madigans bloom!

Risultati immagini per alter- ego


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