A late Christmas presence

Risultati immagini per christmas present

I once got a Christmas present that didn’t arrive until Easter

I’ve got something for you” said Gerald, neighbour and family friend,

sweeping into our house for my parents pre-Christmas drinks party.

There was no parcel under his arm or sticking out of his coat pocket.
It’s a Persian kitten that’s yet to be born. You’ll get it in a few months time”
I’ll have to tell them” I whispered.

My parents were dead set against pets
“You’ll have plenty of time to choose your moment”.
He handed me his coat and headed into the party.

Risultati immagini per man enters house for Xmas party

I forgot all about Gerald and his non-existent Persian kitten.

Though I would have liked one

Late spring that year I got very sick – the doctor made  house calls.

Risultati immagini per doctor on house call

Bedrest and antibiotics were prescribed.

One afternoon after school

Risultati immagini per staircase in victorian house

my sister toiled up the stairs to my room.
She stood just inside the door with her hands behind her back.

My mother had put the fear of God into her about getting infected with whatever I’d got.

She was usually just allowed to put her head round the door.

Stepping into my room took courage on her part.

A friend of yours has come to stay ”she said.

I couldn’t understand what she was talking about.
I thought I was fever delirious again.

I’ve called him Felix” she said. “We learnt “Felix the cat in Latin today”

True Fact: She never was much good at Latin.

The kitten was so small he fitted into the palm of her hand.

Risultati immagini per marmalade persian kitten
Gerald left him in for you. He said he hoped you would be better soon

Mother came up later with my medicine and supper
Your father and I  agree you should have told us about Gerald’s present.

It’s too late now to say  anything to him. It’s all your doing.

When you go back to school you can ask if one of the other pupils in your class   wants a Persian  kitten.

After such deception we can’t possibly allow you to keep it

Risultati immagini per marmalade persian kitten

(Felix threatened with eviction)

Risultati immagini per child ill in bed

Head throbbing I sank back on to the pillows.

The whole kitten situation was beyond me!

Days passed. I started getting better.

Risultati immagini per doctor on house call

The doctor delivered his verdict

Back to school on Monday

Risultati immagini per reprieve

Mother came up to my room on Sunday night.
Felix has been living here for 10 days” she said.

True Fact: I hadn’t seen him since that brief visit with my sister.
Your father and I have got to like him” she said

Risultati immagini per reprieve

He’s staying

Risultati immagini per marmalade persian kitten

He stayed for 17 years. A very long life for a cat!

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