Catalonia’s Big Day

The people of Catalonia  go to the polling stations tomorrow, in an election called by the Spanish government.

What’s at stake?

Only an absolute majority of seats for the Independence parties will be interpreted as reinforcing the mandate for independence. But even with only 50%+1 for Independence parties, the legally constituted Catalan parliament immediately becomes a “rebel” parliament.

How does Spain deal with that?

More suspensions, more imprisonments, more elections? Spain is not a democracy like the rest of the European Union. The ghost of Franco is very present.

The culture of intolerance and repression is very present.

What’s happening now?

Catalonia’s  President is  self-exiled in Brussels, holding a mirror up to the EU and speaking at video conferences that are broadcast as  pre-election meetings!

Independence leaders and candidates are in gaol.

“Acusados de los delitos de sedición, rebelión y malversación de fondos, por participar en la tramitación de la mencionada declaración de independencia”.

Accused of sedition, rebellion and embezzlement because they supported the Declaration of Independence

Query: Will the people “vote them in to get them out”?

We shall see as the votes are counted. Over 80% of voters are expected to make their voices heard.

Comment: The Catalans don’t seem to be suffering from “Voter Fatigue” or “Electionitis”!

How are the Catalonian Independence parties likely to do? 

Rather well indeed, according to  these latest projections.They should get the slight majority that’s enough to give Spain a headache.

The big question is whether they get a resounding majority that  supports their demands for independent republic, free from the Kingdom of Spain

PM Rajoy’s party (PP), on the far right in blue with a projected 6% of votes and 6-7 seats, may yet astound us all as it reaches a majority position with over 68 seats!


The National:


We send all best wishes to  Catalonia  as she makes her choice tomorrow.

We are confident Catalans will vote wisely in their own interests and for the common good of their region.

Update 21/12/2017 – 19.50 

The pro-independence ERC, JuntsxCat and CUP are on course for between 67 and 71 seats – with an absolute parliamentary majority secured if they manage 68.

Following the Count      21/1272917

Update  – 20.58

With over 50% of the Catalan vote counted:

Pro-independence parties have absolute majority.

Comment: This just might be a catastrophe for Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy. 

10.33 pm – 73.7% votes counted:

Unionist Ciutadans  leading (35 /135 seats)

Coalition parties for an Independent Catalonia on track for majority (70 seats; 47.4% votes)

Latest results:  Catalonia’s three pro-independence parties, JuntxCat, ERC and CUP, have declared victory after winning an absolute majority of 70 seats in the 135-seat parliament,


Varying intensities of blue indicate where pro-independence parties got more than 50% of the vote.

Pink/red, areas where they didn’t reach 50%.

Combined pro-independence parties = 70 seats  vs 57  for the Spanish Unionists

NB – PM Mariano Rajoy’s  People’s Party  collapsed from 11 seats to  4 in the Catalan Parliament



 Article 155 – which allowed Madrid to take control of Catalonia – is now “dead and buried. The polls have buried it.  

Appeal: Madrid – Release the imprisoned pro-independence politicians and sit down at the negotiating table

Appeal:  EU –  Call on Spain to grant Puigdemont an amnesty and allow him to resume his role as President without any further risk of imprisonment.  He is, after all, a newly re-elected head of government, not a serial killer. Your role might possibly be crucial in deciding the future of the EU

UPDATE: The Madrid-based El Pais newspaper is grouping the anti-independence and neutral parties together in order to claim that the ‘No Independentistas’ defeated the ‘Independentistas’ in the popular vote.



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